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Name Advice

Get advice and suggestions from our knowledgeable community on any naming dilemma, from baby names to surnames to name changes for children or adults.

General Name Discussion

This category is for name lovers to chat about all aspects of names and naming. Share your latest name sightings, dive into name data from around the world, discuss trends and predictions, and more!

Girl Names

Let’s talk girl names! If you’re expecting a baby girl, are looking for female names for yourself, or just want to discuss your favorite girl names, this is the category for you.

Boy Names

Boy names only! If you’re looking for baby names for your son, male names for yourself, or just want to discuss your favorite boy names, this is the place.

Gender Neutral Names

Get advice and ideas about gender neutral, unisex or non-gendered names here – whether you’re looking for names for a baby, for yourself, or just for fun!

Pet Names

Pet names for your puppy, kitten, or tarantula. Here, the uniquely Nameberry view on pet names.

Writers' Corner

This category is reserved for all you writers out there who would like to share ideas or insights into character names and naming.

Baby Name Games

Baby Name Games (BNGs), Nameberry style! Name enthusiasts, check in here for the most creative baby name games on the web.


This category is for Nameberry parents and parents-to-be (as well as those planning for the future) to talk about everything related to parenthood. And, of course, baby name discussions allowed too!

Birth Announcements

Birth announcements of all the wonderfully named babies of Nameberry! Let us know when your baby is born, what name you chose, and the story behind it.

Celebrity Baby Names

Celebrity baby names from the weird to the wild to the wonderful. Dish here on the best and worst celebrity baby names.

All About Nameberry

Let us know how we can make Nameberry even better and trade tips with other Berries on how best to use the site.