1-2-2 Syllable Flow?

We want to honor my late great-grandparents with whom I was very close by naming a boy [name_m]Wolf[/name_m] [name_m]Davis[/name_m] but our last name is [name_m]Saunders[/name_m] and I am not really liking:

  1. that [name_m]Davis[/name_m] ends in S when our last name begins with it
  2. not using a 3+ syllable middle name

I know those are not issues for most people but I originally planned to use another family name, [name_m]Garrison[/name_m], for the middle name and I feel like my awful ex-stepmother has ruined that name for me as it was her maiden name. I feel like the flow would have been much better with a longer middle and now am second-guessing myself.


I agree with both your red flags (the -s ending/beginning and 1-2-2) and they’re both very legitimate. Despite your hesitation, [name_m]Garrison[/name_m] is SO much better avoid that double -s sound and the monotone beat at the end. Why don’t you consider other 3-syllable names?

This should help you get started…

Also, you could do a Super Search for 3-syllable names that don’t start with a vowel and don’t end with an -S. Good luck!