2 middle names?

Sorry this is a double post, i accidentally posted this under the Girls Names, and i wanted it on this board.

I wouldn’t name my baby with 2 middle names because i just think 4 names is too much and long. And i would have a hard time picking 3 names i love that flow well together.

Anyway, Is there any complications with having 2 middle names? Maybe with documents?
And do you think its too trendy?

I have two middle names. I just use my first middle name on legal documents, tests, etc. I like having two middle names. In my case (I have a really short first name) it doesn’t seem excessive. When I was little I liked to say my name really fast to confuse people. I think that if you have the names and they go well together, go for it. If you don’t, don’t. Some people don’t have any middle names! It all depends on personal preference.

My three kids all have two middle names, and so will the twins we’re expecting. Honestly I’m not entirely sure why we started that trend in our family, lol. I think it’s just because I really like names and have so many I want to use, and so many people I’d like to honor. We haven’t had any difficulties with it at all. If both middle names fit on the document or whatever, we’ll go for it. If not, we just use the first middle name, or its initial. We haven’t had any technical or legal problems, though we have been told it’s excessive and a little annoying lol. But I think it’s fine and I wouldn’t go back and change it now if I could. Plus it gives our kids more nickname opportunities! :slight_smile:

I have two middle names and we plan on passing that down to all of our kids. I’ve never had any issues with documents, the majority of them only have my first and last name on them. When there is room for two middle initials, I use both and if not I just omit them.