2 Week old baby and nameless! Help!

[name]Hi[/name] all,

Our little fella is 2 Weeks old today and still doesn’t have a name… we have been back and forth and round the houses. Please can you give opinions on our short list and perhaps make some other suggestions please. I’m starting to stress out as I really want the most perfect name for him. We live in the UK if that makes a difference…?

[name]Seth[/name] (OH not so keen on, but would go with it if I really wanted it)
[name]Gabe[/name] (I love this nick name, but OH doesn’t like [name]Gabriel[/name], so other names this can be a nick name for would be greatly appreciated)
[name]Joseph[/name] (nn [name]Joe[/name], but I think perhaps a little boring?)

His big sister is called [name]Eva[/name].



I love [name]Joe[/name]!

I also love [name]Gabe[/name], but not so much [name]Gabriel[/name]. Maybe you like [name]Abe[/name] & any long form of that?

[name]Hugo[/name] is nice. [name]Otto[/name], [name]Viggo[/name], [name]Milo[/name], [name]Roscoe[/name], [name]Arlo[/name] & [name]Paulo[/name] come to mind

[name]Seth[/name] is ok but sounds muffled when I say it. [name]Seamus[/name] reminds me of [name]Seth[/name] but I like it more.

I love [name]Hugo[/name] and [name]Eva[/name] together! [name]Joseph[/name] nn [name]Joe[/name] is adorable, not boring. [name]Eva[/name] & [name]Joe[/name].

[name]One[/name] of my cousins was four months old before he got a name, if that makes you feel any better!

I’m a big fan of [name]Hugo[/name]. [name]Eva[/name] and [name]Hugo[/name] would make perfect siblings!!!

I love [name]Joseph[/name]! [name]Eva[/name] & [name]Joe[/name] is so perfect together! [name]Don[/name]'t stress, it will all fall into place for you. Best Wishes to you and your new little family!

[name]Hugo[/name] and [name]Joseph[/name]/[name]Joe[/name] are my favorites. My own son’s name is [name]Joseph[/name] and called [name]Joe[/name], after my dad but also because I love the name. In fact, I love the name so much I have actually hired people mainly on the basis of being named [name]Joe[/name]!! The one thing I’ll say is that my son [name]Joe[/name], who is a pretty distinctive guy, thinks it’s a bit boring – I think he’d rather have his middle name, which is [name]Leopold[/name]. My opinion is that in this world of ever-fancier names, [name]Joe[/name] is refreshingly straightforward and down-to-earth while having some history and strength. But I love [name]Hugo[/name] too! [name]Just[/name] perhaps more fashionable, for better and worse.

Congrats on your baby boy! From your list, [name]Hugo[/name] and [name]Joseph[/name] would go well with [name]Eva[/name]. Here are some other suggestions.


I love your taste in names! What about [name]Gable[/name] for nn [name]Gabe[/name]? If not, then [name]Seth[/name] and [name]Hugo[/name] are my favorites!

[name]Hugo[/name] is lovely! [name]Eva[/name] and [name]Hugo[/name] is a really nice pairing.

I like [name]Hugo[/name] best from your list. It’s got a spunky sound, goes well with [name]Eva[/name], is common enough that everyone will recognize it but unique enough that he is unlikely to be one of 5 in his classes, has a great meaning and there is a great movie by the same name. :slight_smile:

Your other choices are more popular, especially [name]Gabriel[/name] & [name]Joseph[/name].

Other [name]Gabe[/name] options could be [name]Gabin[/name] or [name]Gable[/name] -both are surnames that have also been used as given names.

Other name options:
I like pp suggestion of [name]Theodore[/name]
[name]Simeon[/name] or [name]Simon[/name]

All of those names are lovely, but I particularly like [name]Hugo[/name]! I can’t think of a longform for [name]Gabe[/name] that makes sense other than [name]Gabriel[/name], but I like the previous suggestion of [name]Abe[/name], which is similar to [name]Gabe[/name] but has numerous options for a full name ([name]Abram[/name], [name]Abel[/name], [name]Abraham[/name], I think there are even others but they aren’t coming to mind for me right now). [name]Joe[/name] and [name]Seth[/name] are lovely as well, but [name]Hugo[/name] is definitely the stand out for me.

My favorite is [name]Joseph[/name], nickname [name]Joe[/name]. I think it’s so cute!

I like [name]Hugo[/name] the best and then [name]Joseph[/name] with [name]Eva[/name]. I will also suggest [name]Isaac[/name]. Good luck and keep us posted!

[name]Hi[/name] Thanks for your suggestions so far! [name]Isaac[/name] did come up again last night as we like [name]Zac[/name], I prefer [name]Zacharias[/name] as a full name.

I think [name]Gabe[/name] works fine as a stand alone name. I like it best. My second pick would be [name]Joseph[/name]. Good luck!

[name]Love[/name] [name]Hugo[/name]! The rest are okay, but [name]Hugo[/name] is the standout to me. I think it’s classic but fresh and a little baby [name]Hugo[/name] would be adorable.
My second choice is [name]Seth[/name], as I’m not really a fan of [name]Gabe[/name] or [name]Joseph[/name]. I would go with the nn [name]Joey[/name] for [name]Joseph[/name] though, a little more spunk that just plain [name]Joe[/name], imo.

Anyways, congrats and good luck! :slight_smile:

I vote for [name]Joe[/name]!

I have a little [name]Josef[/name] and I get nothing but compliments on his name! We have only met one other [name]Joseph[/name] around his age… the rest are old men! (which was the appeal for me) I have met 3 or 4 Rykers, A milliion [name]ADEN[/name] names, Tons of Ollies, Jacobs and Ethans but only 1 other [name]Joseph[/name]!

Plus to me there is nothing cutes than a little [name]JOe[/name]!

Good luck!

[name]Hugo[/name] just seems very pretentious to me and I couldn’t imagine meeting a [name]Hugo[/name] in your average working class area, it just screams posh to me.

[name]Joseph[/name] is one of my favourite middle names, I’d never use it as a first name because it’s common but it does well with [name]Eva[/name].

[name]Gabe[/name] is too nicknamey, and most people would assume his name was [name]Gabriel[/name]. However, I actually know a boy named just [name]Gabe[/name] so people obviously use it.

[name]Seth[/name] is my favourite, it’s short and sweet and fits well with [name]Eva[/name].

Other ideas…
[name]Eva[/name] & [name]Clark[/name]
[name]Eva[/name] & [name]Tobias[/name]
[name]Eva[/name] & [name]Louis[/name]
[name]Eva[/name] & [name]Flynn[/name]
[name]Eva[/name] & [name]Jasper[/name]
[name]Eva[/name] & [name]Cassius[/name]
[name]Eva[/name] & [name]Maxwell[/name]
[name]Eva[/name] & [name]Damon[/name]
[name]Eva[/name] & [name]Stefan[/name]

I think class line are blurred so much these days that a [name]Hugo[/name] wouldn’t be too posh in a “working class” area and it sounds great with [name]Eva[/name].

I love the name [name]Gabriel[/name] but feel it would be such a shame to only use the nn [name]Gabe[/name] but that’s just my humble opinion.

[name]Joseph[/name] or [name]Joe[/name] is great too and although people say it’s common, I only know one little boy called [name]Joe[/name] in real life.

[name]Seth[/name] is just okay so my vote goes to [name]Hugo[/name] or [name]Joseph[/name]. Good luck!

I adore [name]Hugo[/name]. It is so adorable. [name]Eva[/name] & [name]Hugo[/name] is too cute!

Good luck and CONGRATS Xx