2024 Name Questionnaire (rhodes2nowhere)

1. Your top boy, girl, and neutral name of today?
today i’ll go with boaz, lois & river

2. If you could only use names starting with the same letter, which letter would you choose?

definitely j!

3. If you could rename yourself, what do you think would suit you?

madeleine mostly which is why it’s my name that i use on here! also bess, josie, polly, hazel, and oona!

4. Your favorite occupational name?

shepherd <3

5. If you could describe your naming style in only one word?

probably vintage?

6. If you had to name (b/g) twins today, what would you name them?

thomas ransom & evangeline willa

7. Your favorite “O” name?


8. Your top 2 favorite botanical names?

maple & oleander

9. Your top 2 favorite animal names?

fox & robin

10. A name you’re surprised isn’t more popular?

boaz! he’s Biblical, has the nickname bo, the trendy z sound and a great namesake!

11. Your favorite celebrity baby name choice?

i don’t really follow celebrities!

12. Looking at your lists, do most of your names start with vowels or consonants?


13. A popular name that you just can’t get into?

i’d love to love alice but i just can’t!

14. If you had to name 3 girls using only guilty pleasure names?

waterlily endelienta, kirsikka invicta & lulit ksantippa

15. A name you didn’t like previously but is starting to grow on you?

lois!! i didn’t understand her appeal for so long but now she’s the absolute sweetest <3

16. Your top two favorite name meanings?

ruth ‘compassionate friend’
tarka ‘wandering as water’

17. What you’d name 3 boys using names all from the same origin?

emir, efe & evren

18. What do you focus on most in a name combo? Flow, vibe, meaning, aesthetic, other etc.?

vibe, meaning, honouring important people to me and any special personal connections

19. Names from a culture outside of your own that you think deserve appreciation?

i think māori names are gorgeous!

20. Your most frequented NB forum?

general name discussion!

21. Your favorite place name?

camden <3

22. If you had to use names from the top 10 in your country, which would you pick?

jack oliver william & amelia lily

23. Your favorite name ending in “S”?


24. Berries who’s naming tastes you are most inspired by (@):

oh so many!!! the lovely @lateaugust , @Evergreeninrain , @futuremama , @Larryisalittledog and @shorie always are so inspiring in particular :heartpulse:

25. Your favorite combos currently on NB (@)

i love @lilsweetpea ’s finn herschel, @may.rose ’s susanna ruth & @clair.de.lune ’s daniel wilder! :sun_with_face: