3 good choices - which is best?

We are going to have our fourth boy in a few months. We also have one girl. We have always sort of prided ourselves on having fairly rare names…nothing too out there, but we wanted to make sure that our kids would pretty much never have someone else with the same name in their class. Our boys are [name]Duncan[/name], [name]Dayton[/name] (my maiden name), and [name]Tucker[/name]. We missed the boat with our girl’s name…we had no idea it was so popular where we live…[name]Ellie[/name]. So for this last one we have three names that we both like pretty well…actually, four I guess.

[name]Britton[/name] - husband thinks it sounds too much like [name]Brenton[/name] - me not so much
[name]Oliver[/name] - maybe too popular for us
[name]Flynn[/name] - noy a huge fan of one syllable names
[name]Beckett[/name] - too trendy…might get popular soon

I really do like these names…I just have to analyze everything to deah and think of all the negatives. So what do you guys think? Our last name is [name]Kennedy[/name], and the middle name will most likely be [name]Edward[/name]. Which goes best with the other kids’ names?

[name]Britton[/name]–I adore [name]Britton[/name] for a boy, but just fyi, it’s getting more popular for girls. I’ve heard of several girl Brittans–I guess it’s a more modern alternative to [name]Brittany[/name] to some people. I think it’s stunning for a boy, though, and it used to be one of my favorites. I think it is great with your other children. :slight_smile:

[name]Oliver[/name]–this has a different feel from your other children’s names, imo, but it is cute. It’s recently grown on me. I’m not really crazy about [name]Ollie[/name], though–I like just [name]Oliver[/name]. And you’re right, it is getting popular.

[name]Flynn[/name]–daww, I love this. Whenever I ask about it, most people seem not to love it (which will hopefully keep it an uncommon jewel!). I don’t know if I would use it, but I’ve been considering it as a MN as I revamp my list. I think it’s really cute with your other kids.

[name]Beckett[/name]–I adore [name]Beckett[/name]. It was very nearly a FN on my boys list, but I didn’t want a list that went on forever and ever, haha, so I nixed it, hoping I could use it as a MN somewhere. I haven’t found the perfect place for it yet, but I’ve loved it for years, and I think it’s perfect. I also love the nn [name]Beck[/name]. I think [name]Beckett[/name] is perfect with your other children.

[name]Beckett[/name] [name]Edward[/name] [name]Kennedy[/name] is definitely my favorite, but I also like your other choices! You can’t really go wrong!

Good luck!

[name]Britton[/name] - Too feminine and too matchy with [name]Dayton[/name] and [name]Duncan[/name]
[name]Oliver[/name] - Great name but you already have a [name]Tucker[/name] so I would veto it.
[name]Flynn[/name] - Ok but this name would be the only one syllable of your family. I wouldn’t want him to feel like the odd one out.
[name]Beckett[/name] - trendy with a somewhat harsh and abrupt sound. What are the more softer sounding [name]Garrett[/name]?

Other Suggestions for [name]Duncan[/name], [name]Dayton[/name], [name]Tucker[/name] and [name]Ellie[/name]'s brother

[name]Graham[/name] / [name]Graeme[/name]
[name]Hugh[/name] / [name]Hugo[/name]

My favorites for you are [name]Britton[/name] and [name]Flynn[/name]. They both sound so wonderful with your other children’s names. I lean slightly to camp [name]Britton[/name], but they are both wonderful choices.

[name]Flynn[/name] really stands out to me. I said all the name with your other kids names and I think it sounds best. I personally would not care if it was the only one syllable name.

I love [name]Flynn[/name]. The rest really don’t do much for me at all, sorry.

Definitely [name]Beckett[/name]!

[name]Flynn[/name] :slight_smile: very cute

[name]Beckett[/name] is already getting popular, fyi.

I really like [name]Flynn[/name] in your set and [name]Flynn[/name] [name]Kennedy[/name] sounds wonderful! Compared to [name]Duncan[/name] and [name]Tucker[/name], [name]Oliver[/name] is a lot more popular and if you ever want to call him [name]Ollie[/name], it might be a little too close to [name]Ellie[/name].