3 year old won't stop..

3 year old won’t stop picking the skin off her lips. she’s always been especially wired and fidgety but she seems to constantly bite at her lips and around her mouth now when she’s nervous or has to sit still. I have tried giving her her own lip balm and explaining that this is the way to make our lips better when they’re dry, but it made no difference.
DH tells her off when she does it, but I don’t think that’s helping either as she does it subconsciously now.
Any advice on getting her to stop? It’s really worrying me now as it must be really hurting her to have bitten lips all the time and I don’t know how to teach her better ways to calm herself down.

Sorry, that message was totally garbled. Wrote it when feeling at my wits end. [name]Don[/name]'t blame you all for not replying! Haha

have you tried letting her chew gum? I know that there is a huge range of abilities when it comes to 3 year olds but if she can keep her mouth busy chewing she may not bite at her lips. My 3 year old chews gum occasioally and she does great with it. She keeps it in her mouth and know to put it in the garbage when she’s done.

Good idea. [name]Will[/name] try that tomorrow. It sounds a silly problem, but I’m just worried that she would develop such an anxious habit when she’s only 3!
Thanks so much, I will tell you how that works out.

With 3 year olds, they need alot of reminders and you can often re-direct them. One thing is to be consistent. [name]Every[/name] single time you see her do it, say (in a stern, but open not mean way) “Stop picking your lip. You’ll make them hurt.” (or something like that-- basically a direction to stop and then a reason why) and then redirect her nerves or boredom elsewhere. It might be something where you need to keep her closeby you all day to “catch” it… like you said, it is probably not something she fully thinks about doing so you need to make her aware of when she is doing it and give her positive things (I liked the previous poster’s suggestion of gum or a candy maybe) or attention/a hug to replace it.