36 weeks and need honest opinions/HELP!

Hello nameberries :)!

[name]Ive[/name] posted on the site before and have speant hours and hours scouring the site with no avail! Im entering week number 36 with bambino number 3. [name]Dawson[/name] (5) & addison (3) are eager to welcome their new baby sister to the family. Dad and I are just struggling with a name and we are running out of time. There is a boy name I fell in love with when pregnant with my last daughter and it has recently occured to me that just maybe I coukd get away with using it for our baby girl. The thought was that though its so masculine we could balance that out wi th an uber feminine middle name. Id love opinions on this thought process as well as the name and if you hate it alternatives would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: thanks in advance.

Drumroll please…the name refered to above is…

[name]Fielder[/name] [name]Wren[/name] [name]Marin[/name]
[name]Fielder[/name] [name]Grace[/name] [name]Marin[/name]

These I think you can get away with just about anything!
[name]Fielder[/name] is quite cool it doesn’t have a particularly masculine sound too it so I think it could work for a wee girl. I love the middle name choices. i’d probably go with [name]Grace[/name] as its so feminine, it brings a little girly balance to her name.
Really more than anything its important that you & DH [name]LOVE[/name] her name. So if this is the name you love & you can get your heads around naming your daughter it instead of your son! then I say go for it. Its original but not weird.
All the very best.

I just think of the sports position fielder as in cricket, or (I believe,) baseball. I don’t think it’s necessarily masculine or feminine, I just don’t feel it works as a name. It does, however, fit in with your other children’s surname names. The possible nickname of [name]Fee[/name] makes it more appealing… I am biased though, as that’s what I usually go by. I would go with [name]Fielder[/name] [name]Grace[/name] as I think [name]Wren[/name] may still be a little unisex, it doesn’t have the ‘uber feminine’ vibe that [name]Grace[/name] does. If it’s a name you’ve loved for a long time then I say go for it! If you’re looking for other names with a similar feel, I think [name]Sawyer[/name], [name]Miller[/name], [name]Fifer[/name], [name]Thayer[/name], and [name]Piper[/name] would fit with your other children’s names if it’s that strong -er ending that appeals to you.

Best of luck!

I’m generally not huge on boys names for girls, although I have soft spots for Dylan, Austen, Harper, and Reese as middle names. I follow your logic on softening up masculine names, I just tend to choose feminine first names with masculine/unisex middle names. But I think fielder is cute. It does feel a little masculine, but you can totally get away with it. I really like Fielder Wren Marin, but Fielder Grace Marin feels much more feminine to me, so I’d probably go with that one if I were you. It soften the name up a bit. I think some great alternatives to Fielder would be-

Harper -I know it’s trendy, but I think it’s a great name. And Harper Wren would be SO cool with the To Kill a Mockingbird association.

Sawyer -my lit-geek shows herself yet again, but I think Sawyer is also an awesome name. And Sawyer Grace Marin is GORGEOUS.

Piper - It’s cute, fun and spunky. And I really like Piper Wren.

Jude -I like Jude on a girl. Jude Wren Marin doesn’t work for me, but Jude Grace Marin is cute, and I’m sure you could come up with some other awesome options. I like Jude Elizabeth Marin. Dawson, Addison, and Jude really works for me.

Monroe -I know Mariah Carey kind of tainted it this year, but I think Monroe is a lovely unisex choice that works well with your sib set.

Elliot or Ellington or Ellison - I think these are both great choices with AMAZING nickname potential. Elle, Elli, Ella…it’s endless adorableness.

Hallie (pronounced Hal-ee)- I think Hallie is a lovely, underused classic. It looks so clean and soft when written and it just has a great sound about it. And Hallie Wren is devine.

Edith -I know it takes your list in a really opposite direction, but I just LOVE the idea of Dawson, Addison, and Edith, so I have to throw it out there.

Sloane -It just looks so sleek and lovely. I think it’s a great name. Not overly feminine or overly masculine. It’s just a beautiful name.

Madeline -I just love it with your sib set. Great nickname potential. Sweet, soft name. I can’t help but love it.

Hudson -It’s pretty masculine, but I think it works nicely with your sib set. DawSON, AddiSON, HudSON. And Hudson Grace is stunning!!!

Emerson -Also works great with the SON theme in your sib set. And I think Emme, Emmie, Em, are great nickname options. And I just have to throw out Emerson Iris Marin, cause I think it’s fabulous.

Owen -I know it’s a boys name, but I think it adorable on a girl. Owen Elizabeth Marin is to die for. And Owen Grace is so sweet. I love it!

Georgia -I know I’m going way off on this one, but I LOVE Georgia Wren. It just feels SO perfect. I can’t pass up suggesting it.

Good luck!

I like [name]Fielder[/name], especially [name]Fielder[/name] [name]Grace[/name]. In an era with girls called [name]Piper[/name] and [name]Harper[/name], [name]Fielder[/name] feels like fair game for either gender. Plus, your other daughter is [name]Addison[/name], right? So it would be [name]Dawson[/name], [name]Addison[/name], and [name]Fielder[/name]. I think it works.

[name]Wren[/name] is one of my favorites - it is actually my daughter’s second middle - but I like [name]Grace[/name] because it makes it clear that [name]Fielder[/name] is feminine. Plus [name]Fielder[/name] [name]Wren[/name] is an awful lot of nature name.

Best wishes!

I like [name]Fielder[/name] too (although I did once find myself in stark minority on these boards for liking [name]Cooper[/name] on a girl)…I agree with everyone else that reckons [name]Fielder[/name] [name]Grace[/name] gives it more of an obvious feminine feel. I like it. And [name]Fee[/name] is a cutie little nickname :slight_smile:
[name]Fielder[/name] [name]Kate[/name]
[name]Fielder[/name] [name]June[/name]
[name]Fielder[/name] [name]Claire[/name]
[name]Fielder[/name] [name]May[/name]
[name]Fielder[/name] [name]Eve[/name]
[name]Fielder[/name] [name]Blythe[/name]
[name]Fielder[/name] [name]Neve[/name]/[name]Niamh[/name]
[name]Fielder[/name] [name]Tess[/name]
[name]Fielder[/name] [name]Nell[/name]

Good luck!

My worry with [name]Fielder[/name] is that it sounds terribly like “feel her” when said quickly. I think teenaged boys would be bound to notice. Our last name (which has the sound felt in it) has even gotten giggles from adults. It’s the same sort of reason why DH vetoed [name]Honor[/name]. He went to school with one, and all the guys always said, “I want to get on her,” as a play on her name.

However, I think a gender-neutral surname would work wonderfully with your children’s names.


I went to college with a girl named [name]Fielding[/name], so [name]Fielder[/name] isn’t a stretch for me. I think you should use it if you love it.

Im not a fan at all. If you want a unisex name, there are more feminine choices. Also agree with pp about [name]Feel[/name] Her. [name]How[/name] about:

[name]How[/name] about [name]Ellis[/name] or [name]Hollis[/name]?