4 year old isn't the same

My child used to be a sweetheart. He was so happy when he got his first pair of big boy shoes. He loved to be held.

We recently had to move in with my mom for a few months and it turned him…umm…evil…?

Hes 4 years old, up to date on shots and everything. Might have to go to the doctor for help and to get his ears cleaned because he was complaining about that tonight. I dont know if this is normal 4 year old behavior and I dont really know what to do about it. It’s just weird that hes being like this… I dont know if he needs adhd meds or something but its strange. Hes also over hyperactive like we gave him tons of sugar or something but in reality we dont personally eat junk food anymore and its been a few months already.

Her roommate who thinks is her boyfriend would always mentally abuse everyone there, my half brother and half were constantly angry, my mom would always be grumpy and complain and yell. Any chance they had I would be picked on and treated like shit. My toddler unfortunately had to deal with it because they would fight in front of him.

They were trying to force us to give them money and mentally abusing us and treating us like crap so we basically had to get out of there. We don’t live there anymore, thank god, but for the past few days I’ve had to deal with him being angry, having this disgusting attitude that isnt just a grumpy toddler. I hate it. He used to be my angel and the only reason why I’ve been trying extra hard to find a job for the past five years.

We are currently in a single room motel with two beds next to each other and of course theres a bathroom and a small fridge and tv and whatnot. I don’t need this after what we’ve been through.

I’m not a psychologist or any sort of therapist, but it sounds like your son is just trying to deal with being in a stressful situation the best way he knows how. Unfortunately, he may be dealing with emotions he doesn’t understand yet.

I’d suggest seeing a therapist. They may be able to not only help him, but also put you at ease.

I am a psychologist, but I obviously can’t make an assessment of your son’s behavior based on what you’re writing. I think it’s best to see a therapist or psychologist about this, it sounds like your son is having trouble processing everything that’s going on in his life right now. And maybe it would do you some good as well to talk to someone.

I suggest talking to him about how he felt living there. Sounds like he needs help dealing with that stressful living environment.