7 days left, help me choose a name!

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Respondents: 62 (This poll is closed)

  • Elliot : 33 (53%)
  • Owen : 19 (31%)
  • Weston: 10 (16%)

[name]Weston[/name] is my favorite. My feeling is, there are so many trends going on now, you can’t avoid them all. :slight_smile:

I actually love all your choices.

[name]Owen[/name] is a very modern sounding name, and fits with names such as [name]Ethan[/name], [name]Dylan[/name], [name]Tyler[/name] etc. It is going down in popularity in the UK though and therefore seems a little bit dated, a sign of a once trendy name [name]IMO[/name].

[name]Weston[/name] is the one that sounds the trendiest but I don’t actually think it is. I’ve never met anyone named [name]Weston[/name], and for that matter the more well known [name]Wesley[/name] isn’t popular here either. I think this one will grow in popularity because it is a last name and they’re pretty popular now.

I have voted for [name]Elliot[/name], it feels the most timeless of the three. I’d say [name]Owen[/name] is dated, while [name]Weston[/name] is the trendiest. [name]Elliot[/name] has never really skyrocketed in popularity and I don’t think you’ll meet loads of [name]Elliot[/name]'s either, which is always good.

[name]Elliot[/name] could be [name]Eli[/name] or [name]Leo[/name] if you wanted a nickname for [name]Elliot[/name] - a little bit of a stretch but they work.

[name]Weston[/name] is my favorite, too. I like [name]Owen[/name] as well, but it didn’t make our list because of its popularity. It’s still a great name, though. [name]Elliott[/name] is my least fav of the 3, but if it’s your favorite, then who cares what I think. Congratulations! :slight_smile:

I like the name [name]Elliott[/name] the best, but the the spelling [name]Elliot[/name] is for girls in my opinion. If you were spelling it [name]Elliott[/name], I would have picked that. But, I picked [name]Weston[/name]! They’re all nice names.

I voted [name]Elliot[/name]! It is handsome and timeless, and ages really well [name]IMO[/name]. If you really want a nn, I think [name]Eli[/name] or [name]Leo[/name] works really well. It seems very laid-back, friendly and smart all at once to me. [name]Owen[/name] and [name]Weston[/name] are nice, but don’t quite have [name]Elliot[/name]'s classic appeal, [name]IMO[/name]. I don’t think you could go wrong with any of your choices though!

Good luck!

I like [name]Elliot[/name] and I think you could use the nickname [name]Eli[/name] which I adore. They are all three great names though.

I love the name [name]Elliot[/name], and I love it spelled that way. It’s a name that is consistently in the Top 500, but never too popular. I don’t think [name]Elliot[/name] needs a nickname, but if you wanted one, you could use [name]Leo[/name] or [name]Eli[/name].

I really love [name]Elliot[/name], strong and handsome. I also like [name]Weston[/name] but that is more of a guilty pleasure, I can’t really picture it on a man.

I really dislike [name]Elliot[/name] & [name]Owen[/name]. [name]Both[/name] of them feel rather soft. I do really like [name]Weston[/name]. Rugged and masculine.

[name]Elliot[/name] is the most timeless, so that gets my vote. For me, second place is [name]Owen[/name] and third place [name]Weston[/name]. But I really like all three!

I think [name]Owen[/name] is the nicest and strongest of the three. It’s not too heavy, but definitely not too airy. I think it rather handsome myself.

I’m not much of an [name]Elliot[/name] fan - I think you hit it on the head with the “fancy pants” concern. I like [name]Owen[/name] though. There’s something durable and wearable about it.

Not fancy by any means and nicknames are way overrated. Why put so much thought into his name just to call him something different anyway?

I love all your choices! I can see why it’s so hard for you. I went with [name]Owen[/name] because I love it and probably won’t ever be able to use it, so
I’ll encourage everyone else to haha. [name]Elliot[/name] is my second favourite. [name]Weston[/name] is cool and I like it, but I prefer the classic [name]Owen[/name] and [name]Elliot[/name] over it because I think they’ll age better.