7: The Self Invention

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Respondents: 7 (This poll is closed)

  • Coastwall : 2 (29%)
  • Belerion/Beleria (bel-AIR-ee-on/a) : 2 (29%)
  • Curnow/Curnovia (ker-now/ker-NO-vee-a) : 2 (29%)
  • Coronovia (ko-ro-NOH-vee-a) : 0 (0%)
  • Dumnonia (duh-MO-nia) : 0 (0%)
  • Wessex/Westia (wess-ex/WEST-ee-a) : 0 (0%)
  • Cornubia (cor-NEW-bee-a) : 1 (14%)
  • I’ve got a better idea! (post below): 0 (0%)

I think Curnovia and Coastwall fit best with other names. They are equally mystical and easy for understanding.
It seems you are so good at naming countries, I am a bit jealous…:wink:

Also, Kornuol/Cornuol (“kohr-noo-ohl”)is Russian for Cornwall. I think it is nice, too.

Thanks for recognising us as a nation :wink:

I would steer away from Wessex seeing as Cornwall was never really part of it. It might have been, technically, at some point, but most consider them to be distinct. Dumnonia referred to most of the south west rather than just Cornwall- it’s kind of like calling [name_f]England[/name_f] ‘the UK’. Curnow (are you pronouncing the ‘now’ like ‘know’ or ‘now’?) would be fine, though it’s not an old term. Still very much used today :slight_smile: (there’s actually quite a cool fantasy-like history behind the Kingdom of Kernow if you look it up. Kings and princes and everything ;)) I like Curnovia the best. I don’t know much about the others tbh. Good luck :smiley:

That’s ok :wink: I thought it might be nice to do it, lol.

I was saying ‘now’ for Kernow, is it actually ‘know’? I’ll look up the Kernow mythology if I need to reference something, good to know it exists! :slight_smile:

I got most of them from the Cornwall Wiki. Belerion was a Roman name for it (more specifically Land’s End). Coronovia comes from the Cornovii tribe and Cornubia is the Latin name.

Thanks for everyone’s replies so far! I think I’m swaying between:

Cornovia (stealing the middle ‘o’ out of it): PRO - Recognisable as Cornwall. CON - Already have a ‘c’ name in Cambria.

Beleria: PRO - Fun to say! More historical. CON - Not obviously Cornwall, not a huge problem though.

Yep. Everyone I know down here pronounces it like ‘know’ :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks :slight_smile: