A baby brother for Cooper

Another friend is pregnant and needs help with a name! She has a 3 year old son named [name]Cooper[/name]. Their last name rhymes with stable, but starts with a G. To give you an idea of where to start:

  • The only name they both semi-agreed on was [name]Ryder[/name], but they don’t love it.
  • He likes [name]Jett[/name], she doesn’t.
  • She really liked irish/celtic names, and likes surnames as first names.
  • They want it to be unique, but easy for people to spell correctly.

Let’s see what you guys come up with!

[name]How[/name] about:
Ryken (I am not sure if this is a made up name, but I know a sibset [name]Cooper[/name] and Ryken)