A Baby Food Survey!

Hello Momberries! :slight_smile:

My good friend is doing a university project about baby food and he’s asked me to share it here for more mom’s opinions! It is a quick survey – should only take about 2-3 minutes to complete. This project could potentially open a new market opportunity that could help a lot of babies, so please consider contributing to this data! All responses will remain anonymous and your information will not be identifiable or sold. This is purely for statistics!

Here is the survey link: The Pitch

Thanks so much in advance!

That’s really very important

Indeed babys food must be selected very carefull. A child has an initially pure organism and shouldn’t be taught from birth to learn him to the additional preferences that may negatively affect his health. Salt retains water in the body and irritates the mucous membrane, sugar promotes inflammatory processes and provokes many different diseases, and is addictive. So, better choose non-aggressive, pure foods for your baby and delay the moment of consuming the flavorings as long as possible. Select baby foods like these https://anyorganics.com/holle-cow-formulas/161-holle-stage-pre-organic-infant-milk-formula-400g-0-6-months-7640161875852.html that have and contain just natural trace elements and microelements