A Brother for Archer

See the results of this poll: Which Name should we choose?

Respondents: 71 (This poll is closed)

  • Remy : 14 (20%)
  • Dexter : 18 (25%)
  • Rufus : 12 (17%)
  • Bryson : 5 (7%)
  • Brody: 22 (31%)

[name]Brody[/name] fits the best stylistically.

I’m going to have to disagree and say that [name]Dexter[/name] seems like the best choice, both being occupational, quirky names. Good luck! =]

I think [name]Brody[/name] would be perfect with [name]Archer[/name]. Such a cool name! Please don’t use [name]Rufus[/name]!

I was torn between [name]Remy[/name] and [name]Brody[/name], but voted for [name]Remy[/name] since I think it’s such a cool name.

I would strike [name]Rufus[/name] from the list because I really, really don’t think it’s wearable, especially not with a brother called [name]Archer[/name]. [name]Archer[/name] is a fairly trendy modern surname whereas [name]Rufus[/name] is old, fusty and the name of several cartoon animals. I think [name]Rufus[/name] would be very, very jealous of his brother [name]Archer[/name].

I would strike [name]Dexter[/name] due to the shared -er ending.

[name]Bryson[/name], unless it’s a family name, seems fairly insubstantial. Like you wanted [name]Bryce[/name] but didn’t want a monosyllabic name.

[name]Brody[/name] on the other hand is fun and hip, with a little Irish twang. It suits a brother named [name]Archer[/name] very well-- not matchy, but similar in cool factor. [name]Remy[/name] is even cooler.

I like [name]Dexter[/name], because of the nickname [name]Dex[/name].

Ooh, this is tough. My gut reaction is to vote for [name]Remy[/name] because I think it’s such a cool name. Always have. My second favorite is probably [name]Brody[/name], which I think flows nicely with [name]Archer[/name] (and there’s that subtle connection between them, as they’re both surnames). But the nickname [name]Dex[/name] is awesome too…it’s just that [name]Dexter[/name] and [name]Archer[/name] kind of locks you into a trend of -er names.

I love [name]Brody[/name] and [name]Archer[/name] together. :slight_smile: I love [name]Rufus[/name] and [name]Remy[/name], too, but not nearly as much as [name]Brody[/name]. I think [name]Brody[/name] [name]Rufus[/name] would be an amazing combo, if you don’t have a MN yet.

Good luck!

I like [name]Brody[/name]. [name]Dexter[/name] reminds me of nerdy guys, [name]Rufus[/name] is clunky and awkward, and [name]Remy[/name] reminds me a the rat from Ratatouille. [name]Bryson[/name] of okay, but it sounds made up. [name]Brody[/name] and [name]Archer[/name] is a cool sibset.

[name]Just[/name] wanted to stick up for [name]Rufus[/name] - I think it’s an awesome name! Cool, masculine without being macho, and way more interesting than (say) trendy [name]Brody[/name]. Having said that, I appreciate that [name]Brody[/name] fits better in terms of style. I’m also a fan of [name]Dexter[/name], but like pp am not sure about shared -er ending. Could get away with it but I’d prefer to avoid it. [name]Remy[/name] scores points with me for being unusual, and [name]Bryson[/name] loses because it sounds like a soon-to-be-overused surname, with no character. Thanks for sharing & not minding brutally honest feedback - that’s what makes this site fun :slight_smile:

Although I like [name]Dexter[/name] the most, I think [name]Brody[/name] fits and sounds best with [name]Archer[/name] (and [name]Brody[/name] is also a great name). Good luck with your decision!