A brother for Lila and Mir”...

Still just TTC but as a true name nerd I am getting worried we used all our favorite boys names already. Please tell me which fits and feel free to rearrange. My kids are [name]Lila[/name] (leela) aveline (avehleen) and Mir” (after joan Mir” the artest) [name]Thelonius[/name] (after mr monk) Lightning (after Lightnin’ Hopkins). WE like nature names ([name]Lila[/name] is lilac in spanish) or musician/artist names. Thanx Berries!

Hartford [name]Lazarus[/name] [name]Moon[/name]
[name]Matisse[/name] [name]Americo[/name](family name) [name]Lyon[/name]
[name]Basil[/name] [name]Matisse[/name] [name]Zephyr[/name]
[name]River[/name] [name]Maxwell[/name](family name) [name]Cortez[/name]
[name]Hendrix[/name] [name]Tennessee[/name] [name]Hawk[/name] or [name]Night[/name]
[name]Boaz[/name] Hucklberry [name]Jericho[/name]

Wow [name]Meryl[/name], I had no idea your kids have such awesome names!

Hartford [name]Lazarus[/name] [name]Moon[/name]- this is high on my list. I think Hartford is so stately. I mainly love it for [name]Hart[/name]. I find it so strong and masculine, while having a lot of “heart”. I just love it so much. I don’t know that it blends that well with [name]Lila[/name] and Miro, though. If i were you, i think I’d go with just [name]Hart[/name]. I’m not a big fan of [name]Lazarus[/name], but I do love this combination.
[name]Matisse[/name] [name]Americo[/name](family name) [name]Lyon[/name]- The style of [name]Matisse[/name] is perfect with [name]Lila[/name] and Miro. I love this combo, too. [name]Americo[/name] is really cool, and it being a family name is a bonus. Only drawback is you’d have two Ms, but if that doesn’t but you then this is a great choice!
[name]Basil[/name] [name]Matisse[/name] [name]Zephyr[/name]- how would you prn this? [name]Bazel[/name] I love, bazzle I don’t. [name]Love[/name] [name]Baze[/name] as a nickname. [name]Lila[/name], Miro and [name]Baze[/name] is amazing.
[name]River[/name] [name]Maxwell[/name](family name) [name]Cortez[/name]- [name]River[/name] is cool, but it feels a bit tired to me.
[name]Hendrix[/name] [name]Tennessee[/name] [name]Hawk[/name] or [name]Night[/name]- I like [name]Hendrix[/name]. I like all these names separately, but the combo isn’t doing it for me. I think [name]Hendrix[/name] is better as a middle…
[name]Boaz[/name] Hucklberry [name]Jericho[/name]- this is too much for me. I don’t know how to say [name]Boaz[/name], but [name]Huckleberry[/name] [name]Jericho[/name] is just too much oddness.

[name]Matisse[/name]- perfect match stylistically
[name]Boaz[/name]- I don’t know how to say this for sure, but it looks perfect with [name]Lila[/name] and Miro.
[name]Basil[/name]- nice with the others
Hartford- this would be a lot higher if it was just [name]Hart[/name]… But Hartford seems a little too WASPy for your sibset. But if you plan on having more, this opens up your options
[name]River[/name] and [name]Hendrix[/name]- feel a little try too hard. [name]Lila[/name] and Miro are effortlessly cool. This two feel like you googled “cool name”

Good luck!

thanx linsey for your response,

I agree [name]River[/name] is a little tired. [name]Hendrix[/name] I like because of the musical refrence like [name]Thelonius[/name] and Lightning. [name]Basil[/name] we would pronounce just like the us american pronounce it not the BAzzil way but we would use [name]BAZE[/name] as a nn. [name]Boaz[/name] I pronounce [name]Beau[/name]-as, correct me if I am wrong. I also like the nn [name]Beau[/name]! I do [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Matisse[/name] BUT I am not sure I want another M name plus me and all my siblings have M names. I am also afraid that with son named [name]Matisse[/name] and Mir” will I have to continue with the artist theme if I have another boy? I do love [name]Hart[/name] on it’s own, as well but I like how Hartford has the option on 2 nn [name]Hart[/name] and [name]Ford[/name]. [name]Americo[/name] was the given name of my grandfather as he was the first of his immigrant family to be born in the USA but he went by [name]Philip[/name] (his middle name). I have chosen not to use [name]Philip[/name] as my brother wants to use it for his kids. Thanx for your response!

Hartford [name]Lazarus[/name] [name]Moon[/name] - I like Hartford, and this combo has great flow, but it doesn’t seem to feel as exotic as your children’s names to me. Hartford [name]Lazarus[/name] [name]Moon[/name] has great flow…

[name]Matisse[/name] [name]Americo[/name] (family name) [name]Lyon[/name] - I like [name]Matisse[/name], but I agree that you might get stuck in the artist-surname-that-starts-with-M theme for boys, so I prefer it as a middle name.

[name]Basil[/name] [name]Matisse[/name] [name]Zephyr[/name] - I like [name]Basil[/name], and I think that it works very well with [name]Lila[/name] and Mir”. Overall, I think that this combo flows, though the S/Z sounds in [name]Matisse[/name] and [name]Zephyr[/name] are a bit close - what about something like [name]Basil[/name] [name]Americo[/name] [name]Zephyr[/name] or [name]Basil[/name] [name]Hendrix[/name] [name]Moon[/name]?

[name]River[/name] [name]Maxwell[/name] (family name) [name]Cortez[/name] - I agree that [name]River[/name] isn’t as distinctive as some of the others (it ranks #447 for boys in the US, and #952 for girls - I don’t consider it too feminine, though), but this combo flows well.

[name]Hendrix[/name] [name]Tennessee[/name] [name]Hawk[/name] or [name]Night[/name] - With [name]Lila[/name] and Mir”, I think that [name]Hendrix[/name] would work a bit better in the middle name slot next. In this combo, I prefer [name]Hawk[/name] for the second middle name, since [name]Night[/name] is a bit close to Lightning, I think.

[name]Boaz[/name] Hucklberry [name]Jericho[/name] - I think that [name]Boaz[/name] (I think you’re pronouncing it right - Behind the Name says [name]BO[/name]-az) would fit well with the two-syllable four-letter. On the other hand, it might get you completely stuck in the theme. [name]Huckleberry[/name] and [name]Jericho[/name] have similar sounds, though, so what about [name]Boaz[/name] [name]Huckleberry[/name] [name]Maxwell[/name]?

From your list, [name]Basil[/name] is my favorite with [name]Lila[/name] and Mir”…

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Hey [name]Cecily[/name],
Thank you so much for your input, you are always very helpful.
I agree about Hartford does not seem to be as exotic as my childrens names. I love the combos of [name]Basil[/name] [name]Americo[/name] [name]Zephyr[/name] and [name]Basil[/name] [name]Hendrix[/name] [name]Moon[/name]. I agree that [name]Basil[/name] fits well. Thank you for pointing out that [name]Night[/name] and Lightning are very close, I had not noticed. I do like [name]Boaz[/name] but as you pointed out it will set me in the 4 letter theme.

I agree [name]River[/name] is OUT.

I love Mir”, what a perfect name, simple and uncomplicated but so refreshing.

I’m so annoyed at how popular [name]River[/name] has become. I like its simplicity, its slight hippie connotation but indie/arty cred…but yeah, it’s so “rediscovered” isn’t it?

I don’t know if you’d be interested in another Finnish name, but what about Usko? (Oos-ko). It’s simple in structure like your kids names, has the resonance of the very hip very now [name]Oscar[/name] but is new and interesting too. Does Mir” mean peace? (just did a cursory google). Because Usko means faith, which goes quite nicely with that. I am trying to sell my husband on the name but he thinks it might be too much like [name]Una[/name], our daughter’s name.

Not that it matters but I know three girls called [name]Matisse[/name]. This is in [name]Melbourne[/name], Australia.

I really like [name]Americo[/name], but many of your names (to me) sound a but more complex than your other kids names. Mir” and [name]Lila[/name] are so delightfully simple.


I feel the exact same way about [name]River[/name] simple and lil hippie but its out. Usko is VERY interesting. I will have to digest the name and think it over a little but. In a perfect world I dont want my kids names to start or end with the same letter which is why even though I love “o” ending I am trying to avoid them. Really 3 [name]Matisse[/name] girls:( Thank you for the complements we love Mir” he was named for the painter. Mir” means to have looked, in spanish. People ether love it or look confused and ask me to repeat like 8 times. Let me know if you think of any other boys names.

ANY other opinions???

I thought of [name]Asa[/name] today for someone else, but then i realized it would be awesome with your kids, too! It’s such a cool name! I also like [name]Arlo[/name] with [name]Lila[/name] and Miro.

I don’t know if this helps but on our shortlist we have:
[name]Tolliver[/name]/Tolly (I like this from the character of [name]Michael[/name] [name]Tolliver[/name] from Tales of the City, extra appeal comes from the fact that there is also a Tolly in the kid’s book The Children of [name]Green[/name] Knowe, though his full name is Toseland, which sounds a bit too [name]Land[/name] of Toe for me.)
[name]River[/name] (which we’ve already discussed as problematic, but my husband really likes it. It’s not that popular in Australia…yet)

I also like:
[name]Teddy[/name] (quite common but I just love it - I also like [name]Dolly[/name] for a girl!)
[name]Mingus[/name] (jazz name)
[name]Ren[/name], which is both a Japanese and a Chinese name, but also sometimes listed as a short for [name]Laurence[/name] which is a family name on both sides.
[name]Moses[/name] - my great grandfather’s name, but DH thinks it’s too out there.

There is a boy called [name]MOSS[/name] at our very small school, which has some of the appeal of [name]River[/name].
And my husband’s (unpleasant) uncle was [name]FORREST[/name] which I like, but we can’t use.

I’m an author and here are some of my male character’s names:
[name]Undine[/name] trilogy:
[name]Trout[/name] (lovely character, I have come to absolutely love this name. Strangely one of my best friends who is also a writer has a [name]Trout[/name] in HER fantasy trilogy, which we started writing about the same time - we didn’t know each other then. The characters are spookily similar.)
[name]Alastair[/name] -nickname is Grunt
Only [name]Ever[/name] Always (work in progress)
Groom (love interest)
[name]Pip[/name] (fairly unpleasant character though)
Other books:
[name]Spencer[/name] (cad, goes by [name]Spence[/name])
[name]Ed[/name] (music nerd, lovely antidote to bastard [name]Spence[/name])
[name]Gabriel[/name] ([name]Gabe[/name])

I really like [name]Jericho[/name] on your list too. Reminds me of [name]Mahalia[/name] [name]Jackson[/name] “[name]Joshua[/name] Fit the Battle of [name]Jericho[/name]”

Hey [name]Eglantine[/name],

Thank you so much for searching for me. I do like [name]Moses[/name] and [name]Moss[/name] but its still the “M” problem. We like [name]Forrest[/name] BUT my very good friend planned on naming her baby that then she had a miscarriage so I feel uncomfortable using that name.
thank you,