A Case for Keeping Names to Yourself: Puppy Blocked

So. Yeah. My parents hated the boy name I had picked out so much that they went out yesterday and bought a Chocolate Lab puppy and named it [name]Felix[/name] to prevent me from using it. It was funny yesterday, but now I’m feeling really ticked off by it. Can you believe it? [name]Will[/name] be asking them to change the dogs name today.

That is actually quite a childish thing of them to do. It’s your child and you can name it what you want. I hope it wasn’t the only reason they bought the dog and had been planning to buy one anyway otherwise that’s quite irresponsible.

And [name]Felix[/name] sounds like a better name for a human than a chocolate lab imo.

My dad is in the doghouse with my mom, so I’m sure the puppy purchase factored into that too. Kill two birds with one stone. They are good dog owners, I’m not concerned about this dog being neglected or unloved.

I’m glad it seems more like they got the dog then decided to name him [name]Felix[/name] rather than getting the dog just to name him.

If they really hate the name (rather than just not liking it on a person) then they’ve kind of shot themselves in the foot because they’ll be stuck calling that dog [name]Felix[/name] for however long until he dies.

Your parents sound really controlling. You will probably have to be really clear with them about boundaries, or they will try to control how you raise your son. I would tell them that their grandson will be named [name]Felix[/name]. Unless they want two Felixes in the family, they need to change the puppy’s name.
I am glad that they are responsible dog owners.
My husband and I didn’t tell anyone the middle name for our son until after he was born. His middle name is [name]Sebastian[/name], and [name]Sebastian[/name] didn’t go over well 24 years ago. Most people thought we were nutty. But our parents didn’t say too much about it other than, “Where did you get that?”
My father and my m-i-l were both very controlling. I had to be very assertive with them at times. My mother is passive-agressive and has no manners. She once told my daughter that her eyes were too small and too bad she didn’t get her brother’s big eyes! I got mad at her then and there.

That’s really mean to say that to a little girl…I’m sure your Mom is not a terrible person…but that must have hurt you and your daughter. I’m sorry…

Wow…that would have been funny if they joked about it but that they actually DID it…I don’t know what to say. They do realize that it’s YOUR baby right? lol :slight_smile:

Wow! [name]How[/name] terrible! [name]Felix[/name] isn’t a good name for a Chocolate Lab, if you ask me - I’m sure they can do better and you can use your name! Let us know how it goes!

That’s so rude! I’m sorry that you have to deal with that. I love the name [name]Felix[/name], and it’s too bad that you’re parents can’t see what a great name it is for your son, or that they can’t just accept that you like it and your son’s name is your decision. Good luck with this situation!

Well…they told me to lighten up, they weren’t changing the dog’s name, and that I could name my child whatever I wish just like they could name their dog whatever they wanted. Whatever. So, my plan thus far:

  1. If I’m having a boy, I’m naming him [name]Felix[/name].
  2. I’m calling the puppy [name]Huckleberry[/name]. I refuse to call it [name]Felix[/name].
  3. [name]Baby[/name] name discussions have been closed down between friends and extended family for this child and any subsequent children I should have. Learned my lesson.
  4. Coming up with truly horrendous names for both boy and a girl and will telling my parents after delivery that their new grandchild is named X or Y name. In truth, we’re sticking to our guns with what we like and have already chosen, just letting them sweat it out for a few days.

And I forgot to mention that they videotaped my reaction when I first saw the puppy. Nice, huh? [name]Just[/name] a big old family joke.

I don’t even know what to say to this. The videotaping in particular seems very hurtful. I’m generally try to let stuff like this roll off my back, so I think that you have the right attitude about it. Please reconsider #4 though, because I feel like that is just playing games like they are. I’m really sorry that they did all that. [name]How[/name] bizarre and pointless and hurtful.

That’s terrible. It’s so childish of them to say they can name the dog whatever they like, knowing that you want to name your son that but can’t until he’s actually born.

Btw huckleberry is a much better name for a labrador imo.

And taping your reaction? Sure if it was just a joke so you could all have a laugh at it but when they are actually sticking to calling the dog that it’s just… I don’t have words. What if you pick anohter name they like even less than [name]Felix[/name]? Are they just going to keep buying pets until you pick a name they like too?

This whole thing is crazy.

But I think you can still call your child [name]Felix[/name]. If anyone asks why he’s named after the dog you can explain it and I’m sure they’ll be on your side and understand. I actually know a couple who called their son [name]Jack[/name] even though the fathers parents had bought a dog called [name]Jack[/name] a year before.

I love your plan! I’m really sorry that your parents are doing this to you, and I’m glad you’re sticking with the name you love. I think that [name]Felix[/name] is a great name!

I hope [name]Huckleberry[/name] is doing well…

Best wishes!

I’m sorry that you have to go through this. Naming your baby is supposed to be a pleasant experience! As many other people have said, I would still name the baby [name]Felix[/name].
The dog and the baby having the same name will only really be awkward for your parents. [name]How[/name] often are you going to bring up your parents’ dog’s name in conversation? But everytime your parents have company people will probably ask about their grandchildren (that are pictured around the house), and they’ll have to explain that their dog and their grandson have the same name. I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed their dog’s name after all. They’ll end up saying “[name]Felix[/name]” twice as often as you do and they’re the ones who don’t like the name.
I would be careful with choosing your own name for your parents’ dog, because they could do the same thing to you with your baby! If you make up your own name for their dog, they could make a name for your baby! Normally I would’t think anyone would do that, but they’ve already shown that they’re willing to go too far.
Good luck!

I’m sorry, but what on earth is wrong with your parents? You’re probably stressed out enough right now as it is - what with being pregnant and trying to pick a name and everything - that you really don’t need a huge family joke being pulled on you right now! I’m honestly waiting for you to reply saying that they were kidding - the puppy isn’t named [name]Felix[/name] - and they were just trying to mess with you. From what I’ve heard, I wouldn’t put it past them!

Another thing - why would they name their dog a name they apparently hate? [name]Just[/name] weird. And, honestly, I see [name]Felix[/name] more for a cat than a dog, but for a child firstly. I think they should call the puppy [name]Silas[/name] - it is similar to [name]Felix[/name], but different enough. I just looked up a picture of a Chocolate Lab puppy, and the name seemed to fit. [name]Colby[/name] would be cute, too!

Tell your parents that your child is named something like [name]Wayne[/name] if it is a boy or Ermengarde if it is a girl - that’ll get them!

Best of luck!

Personally, I would be inclined to steer clear of such parents and minimize contact with them – unless this is all meant in a totally good-natured way to have fun and they just have a quirky sense of humor.

What kind of grandparents will they be to [name]Felix[/name]?? Are they prone to being rude and insulting? [name]How[/name] will your son feel if the dog is still called [name]Felix[/name] when he is growing up?

Wow, I’m just downright shocked by this!

And I’m feeling very thankful for my supportive friends and family right about now!

I hope somehow that things can be resolved with your parents, and I’m glad you are sticking with the name you love!

Best of luck to you!

I think I finally met someone whose parents are as odd as mine and my husbands’. They never did what your parents are doing, but they did many odd things.
I predict that if you stick to [name]Felix[/name], your parents will change their dog’s name. If they don’t, you can call the dog [name]Junior[/name]. Because the dog was named after you named your son [name]Felix[/name].
In the meantime, I think you should tell them that you’re naming your son a really strange name. This is called “shock and recovery” in the sales world. So, an odd name…ah, my favorite, how about [name]Maurice[/name] [name]Andrea[/name]? Then they can worry until your son is born and you name him [name]Felix[/name]. If [name]Maurice[/name] isn’t odd enough, how about

Odd Names for Boys (My favorite list ever!)

[name]Rufus[/name] - but I love [name]Rufus[/name]. I’m sure they won’t.

That’s really mean to say that to a little girl…I’m sure your Mom is not a terrible person…but that must have hurt you and your daughter. I’m sorry…[/quote]

Actually I think my mom is kind of nuts. I am very assertive with her. We do love each other, and our kids love her, too. But we are wary when we’re around her because we never know what she is about to say to us or to an innocent bystander. The really mean one was my mother-in-law, but now she has dementia and is mostly quiet.

[name]Susan[/name] makes an important point: If you do end up having a boy, you technically chose the name [name]Felix[/name] for him BEFORE they “chose” [name]Felix[/name] for their dog. So your parents cannot claim to have innocently gone by the ‘first come - first served’ rule.

My daugher asked why I suddenly started laughing (when read [name]Horst[/name], [name]Eustace[/name], and [name]Umberto[/name]).