A friend of mine wants to name her daughter Calliope?

One of my close friends wants to name her daughter [name]Calliope[/name] (nn [name]Cali[/name]). IMHO I think it’s awful. what do you think?

Actually, I think that it’s rather pretty when pronounced correctly, and the mythical association is of the arts and eloquence. Beware of “cally-oap” - and personally, I don’t like the nn [name]Cali[/name]. The longer [name]Calliope[/name] is better, [name]IMO[/name].

[name]How[/name] are you pronouncing it? I think I have heard several pronunciations. I am not a huge fan of the nn [name]Calli[/name]/[name]Callie[/name]/[name]Cally[/name], but it’s probably bc we had two ding bats in high school that went by that name, so I am biased. It does have the nn option of [name]Poppy[/name], which is kind of cute. Eh… I think that I am on the fence with this one. Not one that I would use, but not one that I hate either.

I kind of like it :wink: I think its unusual but still nice to hear. Personally, I prefer [name]Calypso[/name] (close to [name]Calliope[/name] and with the same nickname) but I like it. I can see a little girl named that ! Maybe not an adult though…

I pronounce it: cal - eye - o - pee. just not my fave and I def. don’t care for [name]Cali[/name] as a nn.

I think it’s pretty, but I still associate it with a less-than-intellectual character from Days Our Lives, which I watched as a teenager.

([name]How[/name] pathetic is this? I’d tape it during school and watch it when I got home, conferring on the phone with a friend who was watching it on tape at the same time.) :slight_smile:

It’s not lame, [name]Jill[/name]. My mom used to do the same thing. Before we had the VCR and she started working in the early 80s, I taped it on the tape recorder for her (in the summer) and pause it by hand when a commercial came on. That’s lame!

I think this name is a little weird (like the character on DOOL). I like the nickname. I have to think when you give your child such a name, you really want them to be cool and odd. I rather don’t think of names in terms of mythology if there’s another way to think of them - namely the organ music that is often played to accompany rides on the merry-go-round. I don’t know enough of my mythology to pick a name out for a goddess or muse or whatever unless they’re really famous like [name]Persephone[/name] or [name]Athena[/name] or [name]Venus[/name].

I don’t know that I like [name]Calypso[/name] for an alternative. It’s also weird. I have better positive associations due to the music, although the song “[name]Calypso[/name]” by [name]John[/name] [name]Denver[/name] is also a very beautiful song, I just don’t think it’s that pretty for a name, the word itself is kind of awkward. In fact, that’s mostly what I don’t like about [name]Calliope[/name]. It calls to mind calipers and caterpillars and canteloupes (a yummy fruit with kind of a goofy name).

I don’t know what to tell your friend though. She may have the nerve to pull it off, and her daughter. I don’t know what she’s like or how she lives, how this will play out. At the very worst, all I can think of is her daughter can hate her name and change it someday. More likely, she will have an offbeat name and it’s ok for some people you meet to have offbeat names. I quite enjoying the occasional person whose name is extremely unexpected. Your friend can name her child anything she wants and you pretty much can’t go through life telling people you hate the names they pick out. You can tell her it’s kind of atrocious and then let her do how she feels.

Consider this however - it is not so bad if you consider how close it sounds to [name]Penelope[/name]. Perhaps this is where she got the idea that it would not be super-weird. It might not be all that bad in the scheme of things.

Thanks, [name]Karen[/name]. :slight_smile: I’m thinking that the pathetic part was analyzing the episodes over the phone. [name]Ah[/name], memories…

I just saw the [name]Cali[/name] nickname part, and I’m definitely not a [name]Cali[/name] fan, but I do love [name]Calla[/name]. :slight_smile:

Good luck to your friend! :slight_smile:

I know a darling little girl by the name of Calliopeia? Not sure of spelling and her nn is [name]Callie[/name] and I think it is a lovely nn much prettier than [name]Casey[/name].

I also feel that the parents may have a Greek background or a literary background and they may be ‘intellectual’ types and therefore this name would appeal to them.

If this is your style go with it esp as the child will go by [name]Callie[/name] most of the time. I would much rather this name than some of the ones that have been revived recently.

I think it is a conversation starter and I like its classical background.

A yes from me.

I think it’s beautiful - great meaning, great story. I don’t like her nn idea, but I’m not a big fan of shortening a given name in general.

[name]Calliope[/name] seems like a mouthful all though it is really pretty. I really like when names have a mythological background. I am definitely not that adventurous to ever use it. I actually like the name [name]Callie[/name] and even [name]Kali[/name] on it’s on. It maybe not be the best choice for me or anyone living in [name]California[/name] though since [name]California[/name] is sometimes referred to as just [name]Cali[/name].

I actually like it a lot, and I like [name]Callie[/name] as a nn (although I seem to be on my own with that here!). This name (and [name]Calypso[/name]) are guilty pleasure names for me - I probably wouldn’t use them, but I admire them from afar. To me, it’s very feminine and pretty, and the only downfall is the awkwardness over pronunciation.

It’s not my favourite [name]Cal[/name]- name but it is pretty and certainly has impact. I would prefer [name]Calla[/name] to [name]Cali[/name] as a nickname :slight_smile:

I like [name]Calliope[/name], and I think it will gain in popularity because there is a character on [name]Grey[/name]'s Anatomy by the name of [name]Calliope[/name](nn [name]Calli[/name]).

I think its darling!
It is a bit of a mouthful but still lovely.
What middle name did she choose?

I love the name on an abstract level, but I think it would be a terrible name for any real girl. It’s just too weird. At least, in the USA. Perhaps there are other countries where it would not sound so off-the-wall. It almost comes across as snobbish. I much prefer the name [name]Penelope[/name], which has the same classical connections, but remains unusual without being way out there.

I think it’s lovely!

I have a soft spot for it and have actually met a charming [name]Calliope[/name]. It’s still rather a bold choice but if someone loves it, I say go for it. It’s great fun to say. [name]How[/name] it’s perceived depends a great deal on what region you live in and your social circle, I imagine. Personally, I don’t care for [name]Cali[/name] as a nickname, either. :slight_smile:

I had a thought - be thankful for small favors and she isn’t spelling it Kahlyowppie, although the dictionary (and I think it’s more correct Greek) spells it with a K; I cannot speak for the UK or Australia, but the C spelling is more accepted in the US and very unfortunately, the K looks more “made up.” The dictionary calls the C spelling an “Americanism,” in fact.

The more and more I think of it, it is a lot like taking names out of the air like [name]Calla[/name] and [name]Penelope[/name], as well as possible (if not probable) love of mythology and saying, why not? Maybe 10 years ago, it would not have had a neat place to land that settled a difference between two usable names currently fashionable. I still think of the steam organ music though and think that’s why it’s more of a weird name than fashionably historic and mythical and as beautiful as a goddess.

I find I’m ever more able to talk myself into liking names I initially dislike or feel uncomfortable about on a real person, it seems. Is that weird? I feel almost to put this on my list now.

I personally love the name [name]Calliope[/name]. I definitely think its for parents that are a little more adventerous but most people would have heard of it before. I like [name]Callie[/name] as a nickname, but definitely think that [name]Poppy[/name] and [name]Calla[/name] could work as well. I actually loved this name so much that I named my dog it. Which probably isnt the greatest argument as to why it should be a child’s name, but I am definitely a fan.