A full name for NN Kano?

[name_m]Hi[/name_m], I’m helping out a friend whose baby boy is due next month.
She & her hubby are loving the nickname [name_m]KANO[/name_m], but thinks it’s too short to stand alone.

Any ideas for masculine names which will work with this nickname?
Thanks in advance…

I think Nicandro/Nikandro would work really well with the nn Kano. There’s also Kanan, but it kinds of looks like Cannon misspelled. Other options could be Canton, Canyon, or Candido.

What about [name_u]Kato[/name_u] instead?

Kasimir Noble
Kasper Nolan
Kaiser Norton
Kasey November
Kaleb Noah
Kaiden Noel

[name_u]KAY[/name_u]-no or KAH-no?