A funny proposition

My husband and I were discussing comic book names and he made me a proposition. If we have another boy and make his middle name Gambit, I can give him any first name I’d like. [name]Do[/name] I take the bait to get my [name]Dashiell[/name], should we have another boy :twisted:?

My husband says to push for Gambit’s real name, [name]Remy[/name] (or a better X-men reference, like [name]Logan[/name] or [name]Scott[/name].)

I say do it. I made a similar deal with my fiance. I change my last name when we get married, in exchange for exclusive naming rights to all of our future children, first and middle. Best business deal I ever made :wink:

I’d do it. Gambit isn’t that bad for a middle name. [name]Just[/name] make sure that your husband makes good on his deal. Mine would say something like that but once there was a real baby involved reneg on his end of the bargain.

Jenna212, you are brilliant. I read about someone else doing this same thing. I wish I had thought of it before I got married.

[name]Dashiell[/name] Gambit is a bad-ass name. Go for it!! My husband also says he approves. :lol:

You guys are awesome! It would be hard for him to go back on his word. I would just do it anyways now that he said it. I suppose i can get it in writing to be safe. He admitted that he too actually thinks it’s a bad ass name. [name]Win[/name] for me!

Go for it. I think middle names should be fun. And after the first couple months, people never ask what they are anyway. That’s why both my boys have the first names I wanted, and my husband got to give them the middle names [name]Danger[/name] and Tecumseh.

Gambit was always my favorite X-[name]Man[/name], and I think it’s a cool middle name actually. [name]Dashiell[/name] [name]Wolverine[/name] or [name]Dashiell[/name] Cyclops would be ridiculous, but [name]Dashiell[/name] Gambit doesn’t scream comicbook. I say go for it. [name]Dashiell[/name] [name]Remy[/name] would be ok too.

Plus, most people will just think you’re making a chess reference anyway. And that’s not a bad thing by any means.

I wish I had thought of the whole “If I change my last name, I get to name our children” thing too! Argh! we are TTC and my DH just suggested Garver (HUH?) I was pushing for [name]Arthur[/name] or [name]Frederick[/name] :shock:

[name]Dashiell[/name] Gambit is definitely a fabulous name (I wish I could get my DH to like [name]Dashiell[/name]!) Now I hope you have another boy :smiley:

The whole I’ll change my last name for the right to name the kids is brilliant. I will definitely have to use that card when the time comes.

I say you take your husbands deal.