A Name for my Character 16 (repost)/ OC!

I’ve created a character year ago for a story and this is a repost, I need your help to think of a good name for my character.

Genre of [name_u]Story[/name_u]: slice of life comedy.

Time Period/ Location: Takes place in [name_f]Chicago[/name_f], Illinois in 1984-1985.

Brief Plot: It’s about Shermer, Illinois in the 1980s.

Description: The character is a A brown-haired boy who is around 16-17 years old, he’s tall with pale ivory skin, brown hair and blue eyes. He wears his lucky hat and wears a t-shirt with blue jeans.

He is goofball and class clown at Shermer High School. He is actually sweet, funny, cool, nice, optimistic, light-hearted, sociable person who is the one in the group or any place likes to stand out of the crowd and sometimes can be annoying and do things that goes to far. He is also in the basketball team since he was in the tenth grade and he is in acting class and did a few plays, his favorite subjects are P.E., Art, Music, Drama but hates math. He’s friends with Brian, Allison, Claire, Andrew, and Ferris, Cameron and Sloane, he known Ferris the most since he was in the fifth grade and even hung out with him. He lives with his mother and his father who works with Neal Page, an older brother who is three years older is in college studying to become an actor, in which he wants to join the same college as his brother in, His goal in life to become a successful and person he can be.
I’m planning to name him David.

1.If you have a name for him, put in the reply!

2.What actor should play him?

  1. pick four [name_m]John[/name_m] [name_m]Hughes[/name_m] characters who would you consider to be members of The Beatles (based on personalities)?

I don’t have any actor ideas, sorry!

  • Theodore
  • Sebastian
  • William
  • Alexander
  • James
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