A Name For My Character 23 (repost)

I created this new character for my cartoon and I need your help to think of the perfect name for my character.

Genre of Story : slice of life comedy.

Time Period/ Location: modern-day, Michigan

Brief Plot: It’s about six middle-school children who go through everyday life.

Description: The character is a twelve year old boy, he has black hair with fair skin with a big long pointy nose, he is short and is slender. He wears a lavender button shirt and shorts.

He is a twelve year old boy who is likes to cause fun and mischief, who also likes to be in his world in his mind. He is nice, mischievous, humorous, loyal, eccentric, optimistic, imaginative, quirky, creative, sociable, kind, witty, and playful, though he can be a bit selfish and a bit too much to handle at times. He goes to Junior High and is in the 7th grade, he is beloved by the 7th grade and is the enemy of some of the school teachers because of his nature and interrupting the whole class, he even likes to mess with a boy named Peter whom he thinks is weird and annoying, he also has a crush on a girl named Miranda, he is involved in the school choir, part of a soccer team, plays in a baseball team and is a part of the school band where he plays the flute. He even has a love of theater and musicals as he participates in the school plays and the children’s theater. He likes soda and calzone but he doesn’t like black licorice, he likes to play in the arcade, going outside, theater, makes YouTube videos and home movies, play with his yo-yo, relaxing, daydreaming, riding his bike, messing with Peter and likes to read books.

I will like his name to fit very well with his character and personality, if you had already thought of a good name for him, hit the reply button

[name_u]Gabriel[/name_u] “Gabe”

[name_f]Hope[/name_f] this helps :blush:

[name_m]Zac[/name_m]. First thought.
After reading a bit more here were my second thoughts:

[name_m]Zac[/name_m] (Still)