A Name For My Character 42

I created this new character for my cartoon and I need your help to think of the perfect name for my character.

Genre of Story: slice of life comedy.

Time Period/ Location: modern-day, Michigan

Brief Plot: It’s about six middle-school children who go through everyday life.

Description: The character is a twelve year old girl, she has medium length brown hair with fair skin and wears glasses, she is average height and is slender. She wears a dark blue shirt with blue jean overalls.

She is a young twelve year old girl who is a friend of Oliver Justin Peter Barry and Miranda who would tag along to their adventures. She usually serves as the smart one of the group who would sometimes tells the group what to do in a situation; she is a voice of reason to the group to keep them grounded and to act reasonably; she is smart, intelligent, down to earth, optimistic, honest, creative, nice, friendly, sensible, levelheaded, nerdy, sassy, feisty, organized, analytical, imaginative, socially awkward, and creative, but she can be sometimes neurotic, worrisome, anxious, cynical, sarcastic at times.

I will like her name to fit very well with her character and personality, if you had already thought of a good name for her, hit the reply button


going off of vibes alone:
[name_u]Kim[/name_u] - could be a nickname
[name_f]Olivia[/name_f] - iffy because there’s already an [name_u]Oliver[/name_u], even if she goes by something else like “Livi”

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