A Name For My Character 55

I created these new characters and I need your help to think of the perfect name for my two characters.

Genre of Story: slice of life comedy.

Time Period/ Location: modern-day, Michigan

Brief Plot: It’s about seven middle-school children who go through everyday life.

Character #1

Description: The character is a twelve year old boy, he has brown hair, fair skin, and has a big pointy nose; he is tall and is overweight with a enormously big belly. He wears a scarlet baseball cap, a red buttoned down shirt, a yellow shirt and khaki shorts.

He is a twelve year old boy who is friends with Character #2 and they like to go on adventures together. He is loyal, creative, smart, intelligent, down to earth, responsible, selfless, mature, imaginative, logical, serious, bright, witty, humorous, strong, confident, laid-back, clever, knowledgeable, wise, and honest though he can be a bit pessimistic, cynical, sarcastic, moody, critical, grouchy, and harsh at times. He likes to draw, reading books, play sports, ride his scooter, go to the arcade, skateboard, and like having a good time with Character #2.

The names that i’m considering:

Character #2

Description: The character is a twelve year old girl, she has chin medium length brilliant orange hair with a green headband, fair skin; she is short and is slender. She wears a vivid azure three quarter shirt and blue skorts.

She is a twelve year old girl who is a friend of Character #1 and second in command to him. She is best described as bright, friendly, nice, kind, sassy, feisty, optimistic, enthusiastic, compassionate, fun-loving, active, helpful, clever, loving, loyal, sweet, outgoing, confident, sociable, and considerate she is known to be naive, bossy, stubborn, arrogant, immature, narcissistic, and a little insecure; she is also a tomboy. She likes to hang out with Character #1, watching reality shows, roller skate, reading magazines, listen to music, get on social media, going to the mall with friends.

The names that i’m considering:

I will like their names to fit very well with their characters and personality, if you had already thought of a good name for each of them, hit the reply button!