A new girl name to add to the Nameberry list?

I was thinking the other day of all the beautiful cities I’ve travelled to around the world (not even about baby names because I’m not pregnant!), when it occurred to me that ‘[name]Vienna[/name]’ is quite a pretty name for a little girl. It’s a lovely city of [name]Austria[/name], and of course a hit song from the 80’s! I can’t see that’s it’s very popular though. A nice change from the increasingly popular [name]Sienna[/name], [name]Violet[/name], [name]Vivienne[/name], but similar romantic sound. What do you think?

We might as well talk about other ‘place’ names while we’re at it…what are some ‘cities’ or ‘places’ you’re suprised haven’t become popular as baby names?

I went to school with a [name]Vienna[/name]. I is very pretty.
I also know a [name]Geneva[/name].
Although its nms I’m surprised that [name]Persia[/name] is not more common.

[name]Vienna[/name] would be great except for the [name]Vienna[/name] Sausage association. I still think it’s nice and could work though.

Other little known place names: [name]Clovis[/name] ([name]CA[/name]), [name]Greeley[/name] (CO), [name]Grady[/name] (NM), [name]Camden[/name] (NJ).

I know a little girl named [name]Vienna[/name] and I agree it’s very pretty. The only downside that I can see is that it doesn’t seem very versatile to me. It would suit a sweet, ultra-feminine girl very well, but I can hardly see it on a rough-and-tumble tomboy. Since there is no guaranteeing what a child will turn out to be, it could potentially be seen as a bit of an “expectation” name. But I really do like its sound and origin. :slight_smile:

As for non-popular place names, my all time favourites are:
[name]Rio[/name] (as in de Janeiro)

Agreed! [name]Vienna[/name] is on my list, too, I think it’s a great one. The rest of the geographical names on my list are more…far-fetched…but here they are:


[name]Vienna[/name] sausage? Can’t say i’ve ever heard of that one hahaha! [name]Geneva[/name] is nice. I’m from [name]Sydney[/name] Australia so I can’t get behind ‘[name]Sydney[/name]’ but I love that others love it :slight_smile: I’ve always liked [name]Holland[/name] too.

I’m in a similar boat - I love the name [name]Adelaide[/name], but I live in [name]Adelaide[/name], so naming a child [name]Adelaide[/name] would be weird. However, I like [name]Sydney[/name]!

Same here! I got enough comments about naming our daughter [name]Elizabeth[/name]. People always ask if she was named after the suburb! She was named after my Grandma so I seriously wonder what people are thinking when they ask if we named her after the suburb! I also like the name [name]Victoria[/name] but I think us having an [name]Elizabeth[/name] and [name]Victoria[/name] would be too much for people to handle, haha

I just posted on another thread that my all-time favorite girl’s name is Holland. But I went and married a Dutch guy, with a very Dutch last name, and we’re probably going to end up living there in the next few years. So it’s pretty out of the question!!! I’m so bummed to have to let it go!

I do love place names in general though, my others: Ireland, Dakota (girl), Camden (tho this one’s been killed for me by celeb’s using it), Aspen, Indiana, London.

I think Vienna is fantastic but I do have to agree with what chicamerlin said above, it strikes me as very feminine and frilly and not a name that would work on any girl. :slight_smile:

ETA: Oh and I had a love affair with Paris back in the early 90’s, thought it was the most beautiful, sophisticated name in the world - and thought I was the only one who would have ever thought to use it! Then Paris Hilton came onto the scene and thoroughly crushed that one to bits. Such a shame because I think it’s an incredibly lovely name - if you can remove her association from it. Maybe in another decade??

Sigh I have [name]Parisa[/name] (Pah-ree-sa), a Persian name meaning “like an angel”, on my list. However, I’m quite worried people will still link it with [name]Paris[/name] [name]Hilton[/name]. I’m also a fan of [name]Vienna[/name] and [name]Geneva[/name]. [name]Augusta[/name] is also pretty cool…

I went to high school in [name]Vienna[/name], [name]Virginia[/name]. I sometimes confuse people when they ask me where I’m from/went to school.

I think it’s one of the prettier place names, and would love to see it on a kid. I’ll never use it, though–[name]Vienna[/name], VA is kind of a stuck-up town.

I have always had a soft spot for [name]Vienna[/name] (both the city and the name). I think it is a beautiful name with great nickname potentials. Place names aren’t really my thing, but my all-time favorite is Sinaia (pronounced [name]Si[/name]-naya) a lovely mountain town in Romania. I think it could make a good alternative to the popular [name]Sienna[/name]/[name]Siena[/name].