A question for mums in the UK

Has anyone requested NIPT test at 12 weeks. And found out the gender that way?

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I’m not in the UK but in Australia they offer it from 10 weeks and say the earlier the better (in case something is wrong). I got it done at 10.4 and found out the gender :slight_smile:

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Thanks! And congrats :slight_smile:
I’m wondering if you can actually ask for it on the NHS or if you have to pay.


When I was pregnant I didn’t I don’t think the NHS offer this service unless things have been flagged up on your medical records in relation to genetics etc. [name_f]My[/name_f] friend had NIPT done after 12 week scan because abnormalities were showing up with the foetus and she found out she was having a boy this way. If it wasn’t for the abnormalities she wouldn’t have been offered the NIPT so I think if you want it done you would need to pay.

If you are wanting to find out the sex early have you heard of the nub theory? Sounds bizarre but when you have your 12 week scan and if the image is clear these nubologist can read the scan and predict the sex. [name_f]My[/name_f] friend got my scan looked at by the nub whisperer who predicted girl and I do indeed have a baby girl.

Good luck

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I’m not a UK mom but I came across this pamphlet when researching the NIPT and I believe it’s distributed by the NHS. It’s says it’s a private test not currently funded by the NHS (however I don’t know how current it is)


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Thank you that’s helfpul

[name_m]Hi[/name_m], UK mum here. It isn’t funded by the NHS, I think it’s like £200.

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I’ve heard of the nub theory. That’s how I worked out the sex of my second. It’s so fun to do :blush:

Honestly it was so accurate for me!

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