A Sibling for Maddox

We named our first son [name]Maddox[/name]. We also gave him and DH the same initals, I know, I know cheesy to some. I like it. The middle name was a family name and it was a name to honor Dh’s father so it was coincidence. Now we are having antother baby and if it a boy I would like to use the same initals as we did with DH and DS. DH isn’t so sure. He thinks there may be to many M names in the family. I feel like if we do have a boy and give him a “d” name he will feel left out when he gets older. Here is what we have come up with so far. Please be honest and feel free for more suggestions. My DH is hispanic but our last name is not. Our last name starts with an H ends in ER and is an action word. [name]TIA[/name]



I don’t really think that any of the names on your girls list are good pairings with [name]Maddox[/name]. From your boys list, [name]Corbin[/name], [name]Quentin[/name] and [name]Owen[/name] would probably work best. Here are some suggestions.


I agree with the previous poster that your girl name picks really don’t work with [name]Maddox[/name]. [name]Maddox[/name] has Welsh roots, so you can’t really go with something like [name]Isabella[/name] or [name]Gabriella[/name] or [name]Gianna[/name]. For boy name suggestions, I liked [name]Owen[/name] from your list. I was thinking of [name]Spencer[/name], so I’m glad the previous poster already suggested that to you. If you wanted to keep with the M theme, I like [name]Morgan[/name] or [name]Matthew[/name] with [name]Maddox[/name], although [name]Matthew[/name] sounds a bit close.