A Theory On the Name Ruby...

Sure, it sounds like the greatest name in the world now, and I’m sure it will get very popular soon. But I am ALSO sure that in 10, 15 years, maybe even shorter than that–it will sound unredeemably stale, and will just have to wait for the hundred-year rule again!
If you don’t believe me, just look at the name [name]Judy[/name]–very similiar in sound, in fact, to [name]Ruby[/name]. Poor [name]Judy[/name] was also “the greatest name in the world”–in the 1940s. And what does it seem like to you now?

I’ve kind of always liked the name [name]Judy[/name], for better or worse. [name]Ruby[/name] has taken a while to grow on me. It seems kind of a spectacle, all red and sassy, but I did a little digging into the name a while ago for some ideas to help me like it better, well more to the literal gem and found out I don’t mind it that much, and it has the capacity for much depth and such. I’m not sure anyone is claiming it to be the greatest name on earth, not in the US. Maybe you are writing to us from the UK where this name is a lot more used, but I still don’t hear any claims this is the best name there ever was.

I don’t think your theory applies only to [name]Ruby[/name]. Most names go out of style eventually. Some really dig in a while, like [name]Madison[/name] is going on 25 years or so - some people are tired of hearing it, but it’s still top 10. Before 1985, it wasn’t even a girls name. Other popular names like [name]Sarah[/name] bore some people to tears, but I have loved it forever. The same people who probably think [name]Sarah[/name] should make room are favoring [name]Mary[/name], a name in all honesty that done wore itself out for centuries, went a bit cold for about 50 years, and people think it’s really kind of fresh again, and can’t get enough [name]Jane[/name] either. And yet [name]Judy[/name] went away around the same time. I really think [name]Judy[/name] is a great simple name. After [name]Judy[/name] came [name]Lisa[/name] in the same vein. I can’t say I love it, but there’s also not too much wrong with it - I rather prefer [name]Lisa[/name] to [name]Elsa[/name]. They’re both not too bad.

Wow. I just looked at the SSA - say goodbye to [name]Judy[/name]! She’s at 995 last year. That’s pretty low.

I totally agree but i never liked the name [name]Ruby[/name]. The first impression of the name [name]Ruby[/name] i ever had was a very creppy obese fat girl from high school that led fake cults and called her younger friends children and they called her mommy. it was the weirdest thing ever for highschool i can recall and that has since been an association in my mind. But as i said i agree that in 10 years or so most of the popular names that are popular but not overly popoular now will be really stale and boring and common.

I like [name]Judy[/name] and [name]Ruby[/name], although I’m not too crazy about either. Almost all names go in and out of fashion so it stands to reason that [name]Ruby[/name] probably will too and [name]Judy[/name] is at the moment. It’s just what happens. Some last longer than others, some are major trends and some one hit wonders. [name]Ruby[/name] is just another name.

That’s my theory anyway.