A very different sort of name... it's not what you think

Ok, this is a very different avenue for you guys but it still fits in the “bouncing names off the wall” category, if vaguely. I’m looking for a name… not for a boy, not for a girl, not even for a dog. I’m looking to name a pub. This might be an interesting challenge from the usual stuff you see on this site, but could be fun no? :slight_smile: I have a friend that is writing and has been trying to come up with a name for said pub for a very long time now, but isn’t having much luck with finding the perfect name, but in the discusion we did make a bit of headway. We found a bar in [name]Colorado[/name] that went by the Wormy Dog. So I guess what inspires her on this point is something gross or foul without being perverted, two to maybe four words long, and sticks to your memory. Casting the line… let’s see what we catch! Thanks Berries!

I am imagining a damp pub. Not visibly dirty, but with a smell that suggests the bartender has been using the same mold saturated rag to wipe down the tables for far too long.

Swill Pit
Hades’ Dregs
Hogwash Hollow
The Drain
Roach Brew

This was fun! I hope she finds what she is looking for

Mossy Toad
Muddy Skunk
Mouldy Mushroom [name]Cap[/name]
Soggy Log
Dirty Sheepskin
Stinky Matron
Slimy Pig
Rotting Knoll

The Swill Pit or the Soggy Log are great. The Stinky Matron? That one made me LOL! Thanks!!

I like The Drain.

I also like the Soggy Log! Hilarious and has a great ring to it.

This is great stuff! Keep it coming!

My husband suggested Slum Grog Millionaire
A bit silly really! :wink:
I’m thinking:
The Mouldy Widow
Maiden Mildew
The [name]Lone[/name] Rat
The Dank Darling
Manky Mr. [name]Mitchell[/name]
Hog Hollow

A bit of alliteration for you. Good luck for your friend!

I once named an inn The Frolicking Llama, but that’s not exactly what you’re looking for…

The Mangy Unicorn (:confused:)

That’s all I can come up with for the moment, but if I think of anything else I’ll toss it here.

Thanks guys for all your posts! She got a great kick out of it and is probably lurking around here somewhere too now :slight_smile: You guys are awesome!