A way to condense name lists?

In the past, when I saw a cool name list that I wanted to read I could just click on, say, “Cool [name_u]Unique[/name_u] Unisex Names” and I would have an option to see either what we’ve got now, which is a name, its origin and description taking up about nine or ten lines on the page and then a link to the name’s page to see more – but I swear I used to be able to condense that list so that it was just the names and you could click on them to see more. As it is with all the descriptions beneath the names, now, I can’t see more than three names at a time on my laptop screen and only two at a time on mobile and I have to scroll, scroll, scroll constantly instead of just being able to read the names and click on anything I was interested in. Is there a way to see an actual entire list and not just a tiny portion of it at a time? If not and I have to scroll for five minutes just to see a ten name list, is there a way to at least alphabetize the lists so that I have some sense of where in the list I am?


You’re right, we used to have a “see all” option that would let you look at a basic alphabetical list. Then we briefly had ONLY that option, which caused problems of its own. I agree, we should have a See All option that would let you just look at one big alphabetical list, and people who want to see names ordered by popularity and get more information along the way would have that choice too.