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I said go for it. I bet in the next year or in a few years there will be another movie that will influence baby namers/future baby namers.

I think it’s fine, since there’re three kids in between-- [name]Bella[/name], [name]Juliet[/name], [name]Mia[/name], [name]Leo[/name], and [name]Esme[/name] (lovely names, by the way) don’t remind me of Twilight at all, as opposed to two sisters named [name]Bella[/name] and [name]Esme[/name].

Now that I think about it, with a [name]Juliette[/name] and a [name]Mia[/name] in the mix (I think those are your other daughters’ names), I think they cancel out the Twilight theme. If you only had a [name]Bella[/name] and were adding [name]Esme[/name] to the mix that would be one thing, but I think there’s enough non-Twilight (your son’s name, included) to balance everything out.

I think [name]Esme[/name] is beautiful!

Good luck! :slight_smile:

[name]Edit[/name]: Oops! I didn’t read IrisRose’s post before I wrote mine. :slight_smile: I’m sorry!

I agree, plus I have never watched Twilight.

I agree with other posters, and will also add a guess here that its just a certain generation really (current teenagers) that watches/reads Twilight. I’m not sure I would even know what it is except that I work with a woman with teenage daughters, and they wanted her to read the books and see the movies with them. She indicated it wasn’t something she would otherwise have bothered with. So, unless all your friends are big Twilight fans, I doubt many people you come into contact with will make the association, especially given all your other kids’ names (i love them all too, by the way)!

I agree with what everyone else has said. I am a Twilight fan (not a teenager…or a fanatic, just enjoy the stories) and it still doesn’t automatically make me think of it. Again, because you have other children that are not named something from the series it definitely cancels it out. So go with it! Especially if you love it! And if anyone ever did say something about the stories/movies and your daughters’ names…well give it a few more years and you probably wouldn’t ever hear the comment again. The series is a fad right now…but those die out.

I think the use of [name]Belle[/name] and [name]Esme[/name] in the Twilight series is a reflection of the coolness of the names… not the cause of it. Go for it. By the time in matters people won’t make that connection at all.

Yay! You guys have made me feel much more confidant! Thanks so much…this is why I love nameberry!

I love all of your childrens names and think they all go so well together. [name]Esme[/name] fits in very nicely.