Ack! Can't decide!?

Hey again everyone! I’m having another problem, pretty similar to the ones I always have. I just can’t find my top names for girls! Why are they so hard?

I have considered so many, and at the moment I think [name]Susannah[/name] is my top choice, but I really can’t be sure. I also sort of like [name]Flannery[/name] and [name]Isabel[/name]. But I fnd myself all over the place. My styles keep changing by the day, but I want to find a set of names that I can always stay with. (At least for a while).

So, some names I’ve been thinking of recently - [name]Susannah[/name], [name]Flannery[/name], [name]Isabel[/name], [name]Olivia[/name], [name]Ramona[/name], [name]Romilly[/name], [name]Briony[/name]/[name]Bryony[/name], [name]Abigail[/name], [name]Linnea[/name], [name]Alberta[/name], [name]Zoe[/name], [name]Kenya[/name] (weird, I know), and [name]Hanna[/name].

I know the styles on the list vary a lot, and it is a pretty large list too. I would love to here what people have to say.

Bounce :slight_smile:

[name]Susannah[/name]. My favorite on your list by far! I believe it’s one of those perfect names. So many nickname options, classic and timeless but not at all popular. And so beautiful. [name]Love[/name]. You reminded me to try again to sway my hubby to like it.
[name]Flannery[/name], This seems very masculine to me, I don’t know if it’s traditionally a male name or not but to me it seems more befitting for a boy.
[name]Isabel[/name], undeniably beautiful. Maybe if [name]Isabella[/name] isnt an epidemic where you live it would work, but i meet one pretty much every time I leave my house, so its so tired to me.
[name]Olivia[/name], i love [name]Olivia[/name]! I’ve only met two, so maybe its not as popular as it seems. Either way, i love it.
[name]Ramona[/name], i just can’t get behind [name]Ramona[/name], its gonna take me a few months! But im sure by the time you have kids it’ll be totally usable!
[name]Romilly[/name], i sort of like this
[name]Briony[/name]/[name]Bryony[/name], beautiful name, is it just me or does it seems a little dark? All your other choices are so cheerful.
[name]Abigail[/name], another great name. Itd be a good sister for [name]Susannah[/name].
[name]Linnea[/name], ooh I love [name]Linnea[/name]!!!
[name]Alberta[/name], hmmm. Nickname [name]Birdie[/name]? Thatd be cute! [name]Alberta[/name] still seems very old to me though
[name]Zoe[/name], one of my favorite names ever. [name]Just[/name] a great name.
[name]Kenya[/name], i don’t think it’s weird, i just don’t like it! No offense!
[name]Hanna[/name]- kinda boring, but a nice name.

Oh and I wanted to add that your tastes will keep changing! By the time you get married and have a baby, you will probably have quite a different list than you have now! Well, that’s been my experience anyway. I wish i was one of those people that picked their kids names when they were 10, but that didn’t work for me! I have a feeling you’re the same! But it is a good idea to have a plan!

I thought you might like [name]Agatha[/name]. It’ll be more acceptable by the time you have a baby, and it reminds me of some of your other choices. I think it’s so beautiful if it didn’t have such old lady connotations!


Thanks for all your comments! I’m not sure about [name]Agatha[/name] yet, but you never know! I, too, love [name]Susannah[/name]. I am really mad about [name]Isabel[/name], [name]Olivia[/name], and [name]Abigail[/name] being such popular choices, but they are so beautiful! I agree that [name]Flannery[/name] does have a bit of a masculine sound to it. [name]Just[/name] wondering, but do you have any other suggestions?

Also, you said that you’re names changed a lot when it cam time to actually have kids. If it’s not too personal, may I ask what your kids names are, and how your list changed, or some of your favourite names at the moment?


Bounce :slight_smile:

I think I really should stop postng about this until I am fully ready and more prepared! So maybe for now I will just search, search, search until I need everyone’s opinions!

Thanks, guys!

Bounce :slight_smile:

Hehe, bounce I’m like you too! Planning for the future and trying to get a solid list together ready :slight_smile: I’ve given up on a shirt list though and it’s currently at about 15 with quite a few maybes on it!

So, to the names:

[name]Susannah[/name] - this is without a doubt my favourite on your list, which I also said when you were considering it with [name]Emma[/name] and [name]Grace[/name]! I’ll more than likely be using it as a middle name to honour my aunty [name]Suzanne[/name] as I just think it’s the most beautiful name. Classic, but not boring like some classics can be and with wonderful nn’s!

[name]Flannery[/name] - this isn’t my style sorry. It sounds like a boy’s name for one and two, all I see/hear is Flan! I can see the attraction though.

[name]Isabel[/name] - pretty name but way too popular to be considered classic now, maybe in the future. Would still be a lovely match for [name]Susannah[/name] though. Have you considered [name]Isadora[/name], [name]Isabeau[/name], [name]Isaline[/name], Isola?

[name]Olivia[/name] - see above! I wanted this as a middle name for my sister (who’s 11 this month!) but I’m glad we didn’t as she has several friends with the name. Honestly, they’re everywhere! I much prefer [name]Lydia[/name] and it’s not as epidemically popular. Have you considered this? Or [name]Livana[/name] which can still give the nn [name]Liv[/name] or [name]Livvie[/name].

[name]Ramona[/name]/[name]Romilly[/name] - I’ve considered both recently in trying to come up with a full name for the nn [name]Romy[/name]. I definitely like both but [name]Romilly[/name] has the edge for me, especially as you can also use the nn [name]Milly[/name]! I think it works better with [name]Susannah[/name] too, but both are lovely names.

[name]Briony[/name]/[name]Bryony[/name] - I don’t love this. It’s ok, but if I heard it on a child I think I’d just think “blah”. I know this is mean, but it would seem almost like a waste of a naming opportunity. I have an uncle [name]Bryan[/name] so maybe that’s putting me off too. There’s just nothing special about it to me. [name]Briana[/name]'s better but I still don’t love it. My favourite B names would be [name]Bridget[/name], [name]Beatrice[/name]/[name]Beatrix[/name], Braith, [name]Blythe[/name], [name]Bree[/name] or [name]Tabitha[/name] (not a B name but has a strong B sound) of which I think [name]Blythe[/name], [name]Tabitha[/name] and [name]Bridget[/name] would work best with [name]Susannah[/name].

[name]Abigail[/name] - this is my cousin’s name who is the same age as me so it makes the name not seem fresh to me anymore, but I can definitely see why other people like it and I think it goes really well with [name]Susannah[/name]! I also know a couple of little “Abbies” and they’re names sound adorable on them.

[name]Linnea[/name] - I’ve never understood the attraction with this name, it sounds weak to me. I’m not a huge fan and never quite know how to pronounce it!

[name]Alberta[/name] - this is interesting! I still think maybe a bit too dated and masculine to come back just yet, but everything has it’s time and I’m sure in 10 years I’ll feel differently! I think [name]Albert[/name] needs to be accepted as “back in” before [name]Alberta[/name] will get a chance for girls! Have you considered [name]Roberta[/name]? Similar to [name]Alberta[/name] and [name]Ramona[/name]. It’s the name of [name]Christina[/name] [name]Ricci[/name]'s character in Now and Then which has been my fav film since childhood! Hehe. She’s about 12/13 in that so it may help you picture it on a child. Although the film’s set in the 60s/70s.

[name]Zoe[/name] - nice name, but it’s very popular in my generation (I’m 24) in the UK so doesn’t sound interesting to me anymore. Same with [name]Chloe[/name] actually. I know lots of both. I much prefer [name]Phoebe[/name] (which is one of my top 3 names right now!) and I think [name]Phoebe[/name] and [name]Susannah[/name] sound great together!

[name]Kenya[/name] - not that weird! I can totally see the attraction, it has a lovely sound to me and builds a lovely image in my mind! Have you considered [name]Kendra[/name], [name]Kendall[/name], [name]Kennedy[/name], [name]Kenley[/name], [name]Kenna[/name] or [name]Kenzie[/name]?

[name]Hanna[/name] - I know a lot of [name]Hannah[/name]'s my name too but I still actually quite like this name and I think it’s a wonderful match for [name]Susannah[/name] in style. You couldn’t use both together though because of that “anna” sound. Have you considered [name]Hani[/name], [name]Hania[/name], [name]Hannele[/name], [name]Hanita[/name], [name]Harriet[/name], [name]Henrietta[/name], [name]Helena[/name] or [name]Hazel[/name]?

My favourites with [name]Susannah[/name] would be:

[name]Isabel[/name], [name]Lydia[/name], [name]Livana[/name], [name]Ramona[/name], [name]Romilly[/name], [name]Blythe[/name] [name]Tabitha[/name], [name]Bridget[/name], [name]Abigail[/name], [name]Roberta[/name], [name]Alberta[/name], [name]Phoebe[/name], [name]Kennedy[/name], [name]Kendall[/name], [name]Kenna[/name], [name]Hania[/name], [name]Harriet[/name], [name]Henrietta[/name], [name]Helena[/name], [name]Hazel[/name].

So if I could make my dream sibset of say, 5, it’d be:

[name]Susannah[/name], [name]Phoebe[/name], [name]Romilly[/name], [name]Harriet[/name] and [name]Isabel[/name] - [name]Suzie[/name]/[name]Sukie[/name], [name]Bea[/name], [name]Romy[/name]/[name]Milly[/name], [name]Hattie[/name]/[name]Harry[/name] and [name]Belle[/name].