Ada vs Ida

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  • Ada : 38 (84%)
  • Ida: 7 (16%)

I prefer [name]Ada[/name], but I’m not sure why. I really like both, but [name]Ada[/name] is just gentler on my ear. It seems less harsh, in a way.

[name]Ada[/name]. I want to like [name]Ida[/name], but it feels a bit too old-fashioned to me. I also have a thing for [name]Ad[/name]- names… and while I wouldn’t use [name]Ada[/name], I do find it quite attractive. I also love the Biblical [name]Adah[/name].

I love both of them. In the end I chose [name]Ada[/name], but I still like [name]Ida[/name], and would probably use it before [name]Ada[/name] (I’d use [name]Adelaide[/name] to get to [name]Ada[/name].) I also like [name]Ivah[/name], [name]Isla[/name] and [name]Isa[/name].

I chose [name]Ada[/name], because of what [name]Vladimir[/name] Nabokov said about [name]Ada[/name]. [name]Haven[/name]'t the time to look it up, but it had to do with his synesthesia, and how it goes black-yellow-black, and is a pun on adore. He wrote a novel titled [name]Ada[/name], or Ador which is fascinating.

I love [name]Ida[/name]! I dont know exactly why, it just sounds stronger to me than [name]Ada[/name], definitely one ready for a comeback after the last string of old fashioned names.

I dont dislike either though.

[name]Ada[/name] hands down. I like “old lady” names, but [name]Ida[/name] isn’t ready for a come back yet imo - I don’t think it’s cute on a little girl like [name]Margaret[/name] or [name]Iris[/name] is. I have a great-aunt [name]Ida[/name] who is about 90 years old, and that’s who I picture.

I chose [name]Ada[/name]. “[name]Ida[/name]” is a word in Spanish, so I see it and want to immediately say, “y vuelta”. If I lived somewhere else and didn’t speak Spanish, though, I don’t think I’d have an issue with [name]Ida[/name] (but I’d probably still pick [name]Ada[/name]).

I voted for [name]Ida[/name], my daughter’s mn! She is named for my husband’s grandmother. The name is pronounced Ee-duh not Eye-duh (husband is from [name]Russia[/name] so we use that pronunciation) so I am thinking of it like that. Otherwise [name]Ada[/name] has a nicer sound than Eye-duh. I like both names- I even like [name]Ida[/name] with the more common American pronunciation.

I really like them both! I voted for [name]Ada[/name] because it feels more familiar without being overtly popular. [name]Ida[/name] still seems a little too out of style to use.

I like [name]Ada[/name], but I absolutely love [name]Ida[/name]! I think the “I” sound makes it feel stronger, and [name]Ada[/name] is a little close to super-trendy [name]Ava[/name] for me. Either one is an excellent choice, though.

I had a great-aunt [name]Ada[/name]…and a great-uncle [name]Ida[/name].
[name]Ida[/name] is a name that used to be unisex.

Personally, [name]Aida[/name] is best of both worlds-- AY-da (ay as in hay) or AYE - da (ida). Or even eye-EE-dah.

Then again, I am biased, as it is my name. :wink: (I pronounce it [name]IDA[/name] tho)

I voted for [name]Ada[/name]. It is super sweet and unexpected. [name]Ida[/name] is also a nice name but makes me think of Idaho and potatoes!

[name]Ida[/name] makes me think of potatoes.