Adah or Ada - spelling question

I’m thinking of using [name]Ada/name for my daughter-to-be’s name. I lke the spelling [name]Adah[/name] better than [name]Ada[/name] for a few reasons. 1- It separates the name more from [name]Ava[/name], which is so popular. 2- It is more Hebrew looking with the H, and since I am Jewish I like that. 3- I just think it looks prettier. However, the typical pronunciation of [name]Adah[/name] is ahh-dah, and I want my daughter’s name to be pronouned ay-duh. Is it stupid to give her name a spelling that will often be mispronounced? [name]How[/name] would you pronounce [name]Adah[/name] if you saw someoen with that name?
Thanks for your help!

Our niece’s name is [name]Ada[/name] and I like it a lot. If I were to encounter an [name]Adah[/name], I don’t think I would immediately equate the pronunciation. My mind says [schwa]-DAH, or perhaps [name]ADD[/name]-ah, instead of A-dah. I don’t know why. I guess because I would assume you were trying to imply a different pronunciation with the h, and otherwise just would have used [name]Ada[/name]. :wink:

I’m one who would assume [name]Adah[/name] was spelt that way to be pronounced [name]Ah[/name]-da. I would also assume that a little Ay-da’s name was spelled [name]Ada[/name]. If you really, really prefer the [name]Adah[/name] spelling and don’t like [name]Ada[/name] at all, I’d say go for it. [name]Just[/name] be aware it will cause problems. And it doesn’t really seperate the name from [name]Ava[/name] that much- if you say them aloud in a hurry they’re virtually indistinguishable (though this may be to your advantage- she could say her name was [name]Ava[/name] with a d if anyone wanted to know the spelling or pronunciation.)

I know a little [name]Ada[/name] pronounced “[name]Ah[/name]-dah”. Personally I don’t like it spelled with the h at the end, I prefer the [name]Ada[/name] spelling…

My initial reaction when I saw the subject of this board was that you were trying to decide between the two names, “[name]ADD[/name]-ah” and “AY-da.” If you like the pronunciation “AY-da,” I think you need to spell it like that. Unless you like Ayda?

[name]Adah[/name] is one of my favorite names in the whole world! I love it so much!
The first [name]Adah[/name] I met spelled it this way and pronounced it “Ay-dah”. That is the name and the pronunciation I have come to know and love. So I vote for this spelling/pronunciation.

I say [name]Ada[/name] and [name]Adah[/name] with the same short A.