Adding friends?

[name_m]Hi[/name_m]! I wasn’t too active before the forum update, but as I understand it users were able to add friends. I searched for an “add friend” button on different users’ profiles or a “friends list” on my own account. I turned up empty-handed. Is that feature still available? Or do I need to be a Senior Member before I gain that feature? Any help is appreciated, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, I don’t believe that feature is included on this new platform (someone correct me if I’m wrong).

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] @the_common_fool, and welcome back!

@grackym is right, the friend/follow feature is not included as standard on this new platform. However, it may be something we could add back in via a plugin if there was sufficient demand and community value in doing so.

Would anyone else be interested in this?


I would! I have to admit, I liked being able to follow some of my friends’ threads :slight_smile:

Oh, okay! Thank you for the help and welcome :slight_smile: I would enjoy being able to follow users with the same name preferences and things like that, but I would live if there wasn’t a lot of demand. Perfectly understandable!

I would absolutely vote for the return of some of the friends functionality. I miss being able to see all the topics and replies from my friends on my homepage instead of having to search for their posts individually.


I would be totally up for that!


Same here if possible

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YESSSSS!!! I was so sad to lose that function!!

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There is a plugin I have found which is similar to the old function; I will ask our tech team if it’s possible to add it in.