Adelaide nn Lady?

[name_m]Just[/name_m] crossed my mind that Lady could be a nickname for [name_f]Adelaide[/name_f]!

Better than the over done [name_f]Addy[/name_f]

What do you ladies think of it?

I like it. I’ve always loved ame_f]Adelaide[/name_f], but since I live near the capital city I can’t use it. Lady is super cute!

Lady is just okay to me. I prefer it over [name_f]Addy[/name_f] due to [name_f]Addy[/name_f]'s popularity, but it wouldn’t be my choice. For some reason I find names that are also titles a little…odd. It brings to mind that “lady” can be used as in nobility, but also like “hey lady” disrespect. I also can’t help but think of the Disney movie, Lady and the Tramp, and I also know a few dogs with this name probably as a result.

Other options are [name_f]Adele[/name_f], [name_f]Adela[/name_f], [name_f]Della[/name_f]. If you really like [name_f]Addy[/name_f] I also think it might be possible that there aren’t as many of them running around in her age-range as you might think so that’s something to keep in mind.

Sorry, I don’t think Lady is useable. It doesn’t seem to work as a real name and I can’t imagine anyone, especially a pre-teen or teen girl enjoying Being called Lady.

I have Lady/[name_f]Laidy[/name_f] as a potential nn for [name_f]Adelaide[/name_f] because I also dislike [name_f]Addy[/name_f]. I think it would work fine, and if she ends up not wanting to be called Lady anymore then there are heaps of other nns to choose from.

As a nickname, sure, why not?

I like it! I’d definitely spell it [name_f]Laidy[/name_f]

I think it’s cute and works fine as a nickname.

[name_m]Just[/name_m] to add onto my original post, if people can/chose to use [name_f]Missy[/name_f] as a full name, I don’t see anything wrong with Lady as a nickname.

I completely agree with both your posts Sodallas3, in fact in BOTH cases you took the words right out of my mouth! :D. I am also a South Australian and so reluctantly had to shelve my beloved [name_f]Adelaide[/name_f] as a First Name for our Daughters! Had we used it my two favourite nicknames are Lady and [name_f]Heidi[/name_f] (from the original [name_m]German[/name_m] Name “[name_f]Adelheid[/name_f]”!) and we would definitely have used both! My niece and one of my Eldest Daughter’s Friends are both called [name_f]Melissa[/name_f] and have both always loved being called “[name_f]Missy[/name_f]”!

[name_f]Hope[/name_f] this helps! :smiley:

My only concern, since you rarely see manners present in an everyday situation… is the akward moment when some person or kid comes running at her saying " Hey Lady! You dropped your wallet!" Unfortunately, this is also a “classic” scene depicted in t.v. esp those 1980’s movies, and 1990’s CSI t.v. shows. So it is rather ingrained in the much older generations. Outside my honest first reaction, I do think that is adorable in childhood, a great way to ease her into familarize on “what” a lady is and how to “act” like a lady. But as an adult, she will be surrounded by an older generation who, albeite, are going to mostly likely be grandparents, will know what it means. Now, with that said, I would put it into the categories like: [name_f]Queenie[/name_f], [name_m]Duke[/name_m], [name_m]Lord[/name_m], [name_u]Royal[/name_u], [name_m]Knight[/name_m], ect. So it really isn’t bad when you think of it from that perspect.

I love [name_f]Adelaide[/name_f] nickname Lady. I think I would go for the spelling [name_f]Laidy[/name_f] as it just makes sense and fits with the spelling of the name. I also really like [name_f]Heidi[/name_f], which is a pretty popular first name in its own right in the UK so I don’t think people would realise it was just a nickname. I cannot stand the nickname [name_f]Addie[/name_f], I really dislike it so would desperately want to avoid it so I do think Lady is the best option. As someone else pointed out - [name_f]Adelaide[/name_f] might not want to be called Lady as a teen but she could always opt for [name_f]Adele[/name_f] or something along those lines.

One of my best friends growing up was named Leidy. At first it was a bit weird, but it became ridiculously normal after a day of knowing her. She’s Dominican and it’s not all that uncommon in their culture, as I actually know of another girl named Suleidy. I love [name_f]Adelaide[/name_f] nn Lady. I honestly could do without hearing another [name_f]Addie[/name_f]/[name_f]Addy[/name_f] or [name_f]Maddie[/name_f]/[name_f]Maddy[/name_f] situation.

I don’t really like Lady as a name, because it’s so general as a noun. And [name_f]Adelaide[/name_f] has so many great nicknames besides [name_f]Addy[/name_f], if that’s what you’re concerned about.

[name_f]Della[/name_f], [name_f]Ellie[/name_f], [name_f]Adele[/name_f], [name_f]Ada[/name_f], and [name_f]Didi[/name_f] are all plausible nicknames that I prefer.

I am a teenaged girl and I wouldn’t like to be called Lady, so there’s a thought…

Just my honest opinion! :smiley:

I had a dog named Lady, and for that reason I really don’t like it for a girl. What about Aidey, instead of [name_f]Addie[/name_f]/[name_f]Addy[/name_f]?

Sounds too much like a dog name. Sorry.
I like [name_u]Del[/name_u] as a nickname for [name_f]Adelaide[/name_f].