Adeline vs. Adelyn

[name]Do[/name] you pronounce these the same? DH and I will be TTC very soon and have started making lists. A girls name that keeps coming up is [name]Adeline[/name], we pronounce it “[name]Add[/name]-a-lyn”, not “[name]Add[/name]-a-line” and much prefer the [name]Adeline[/name] spelling. Could this work or would it be confusing to people?

And how does this sibset sound:
[name]Maren[/name] [name]Elizabeth[/name] (big sister)
[name]Adeline[/name] [name]Kate[/name] (mn honors family)

Does [name]Adeline[/name] compliment [name]Maren[/name]? We like feminine but not too frilly girls names…thoughts?

I think the two names compliment each other very well. Part of our second daughter’s middle name is from my husband’s paternal grandmother-[name]Adeline[/name]-and that was pronounced [name]Add[/name]-a-line. I do think the two different spellings will result in two different sounds.

I love your daughter’s name [name]Maren[/name] [name]Elizabeth[/name]. The name [name]Adeline[/name] is commonly pronounced “[name]Add[/name]-a-line” like the song, “Sweet [name]Adeline[/name]”. If you prefer “[name]Add[/name]-a-lyn”, then I think you should choose the spelling [name]Adelyn[/name] to avoid future headaches with both spelling and pronunciation. [name]Adeline[/name] is more vintage in style compared to the more contemporary [name]Adelyn[/name]/[name]Adalyn[/name]. [name]Maren[/name] and [name]Adelyn[/name] have similar sounds at the end but at least they’re spelled differently which is preferable. Another option is [name]Adelaide[/name] or Adele.

[name]Adeline[/name] is pronounced “a de LEEN” or “[name]Ah[/name] de leen”

Thanks for clarifying…this confirmed the pronounciation issue I suspected. I do agree [name]Adelyn[/name] is much more trendy sounding/looking and I don’t feel it’s a good fit with [name]Maren[/name]. Back to the drawing board. Thanks!

I would always pronounce [name]Adeline[/name] ‘[name]ADD[/name]-a-lyn’, not [name]ADD[/name]-a-leen or [name]AD[/name]-a-line (is [name]Mischa[/name] not thinking of the song ‘Sweet [name]Caroline[/name]’??) I think [name]Adeline[/name] is a much better spelling - [name]Adelyn[/name] looks contrived to me and far less classic. It takes some of the beauty out of it. You would never question how to say [name]Madeline[/name], which is just [name]Adeline[/name] + M, so why would people get confused about [name]Adeline[/name]? I say stick with your instinct and spell it your way!

I pronounce them differently. [name]Adeline[/name] is “add-uh-line” to me. I much prefer this spelling and pronunciation. Personally if I were to use the [name]Add[/name]-uh-lyn pronunciation, I would spell it [name]Adelyn[/name], it seems more straight forward to me. [name]Maren[/name] and [name]Adelyn[/name] go really well together!

@scr1bble: There are two songs “Sweet [name]Adeline[/name]” and “Sweet [name]Caroline[/name]” . [name]Both[/name] are pronounced as “line” by English speakers and “leen” by the French. I’ve never heard anyone pronounce [name]Adeline[/name] as “[name]Add[/name]-a-lyn”. “Sweet Adeline” was written in 1903 and usually sung by a barbershop quartet and “Sweet Caroline” was sung by Neil Diamond and inspired by President Kennedy’s daughter Caroline in the 1960’s.

If we can have [name]Madeline[/name] prn like [name]Madelyn[/name] and [name]Catherine[/name]/[name]Katherine[/name] ending with -rin not -rine in sound, I don’t see why [name]Adeline[/name] couldn’t be [name]Adelyn[/name] in prn. I do agree it would be an added step of explanation though (at least until the name catches on - IF it catches on with this spelling and prn combo). If you’re back to the drawing board anyway, I think [name]Maren[/name] and the related-to-[name]Adeline[/name]-I-think [name]Adele[/name] are well matched, two syllables and different ending sounds, and both sort of simple but lovely (I think [name]Maren[/name] and [name]Adeline[/name]/[name]Adelyn[/name] are fine too though btw). Good luck!

@mischa, I bow to your superior song knowledge. However, I still would pronounce [name]Adeline[/name] ‘[name]Add[/name]-a-lyn’! Maybe it’s a British v USA speaker thing

[name]Adeline[/name] is pronounced [name]AdeLINE[/name] like a line in the sand. Not sure where people are getting AdelEEN from. That seems like a weird way to read the name!

[name]Adelyn[/name] would be [name]AdeLynn[/name] like the name [name]Lynn[/name].

It’s the French pronunciation and I always thought it was a French name so it seemed logical but I guess it could be either.

[name]Adelyn[/name] is the more contemporary name but I do think its the spelling for the name you’re looking for. [name]Adelyn[/name] is more trendy and current and [name]Adeline[/name] sounds a bit harsh. I love [name]Adelaide[/name].

It probably depends on where you live. [name_f]Adaline[/name_f] would be pronounced [name_m]Ad[/name_m]-a-[name_f]Leen[/name_f], traditionally, since it is a [name_u]French[/name_u] name and that is the [name_u]French[/name_u] pronunciation. However, if you live in the United States it would be said [name_m]Add[/name_m]-a-line.

Adalynn would be said phonetically, [name_m]Add[/name_m]-A-[name_u]Lynn[/name_u], so you will likely confuse people if you are hoping for that pronunciation with a more traditional spelling.

Both are beautiful!