Adjustments and questions

When I’m using the app and go to type a reply, an ad for body wash covers more than half the screen, making it impossible to see what I’m writing or to use the formatting buttons. Is there a way to adjust this?

Also, I realise they may be paying to place ads on the website (and I get it, I really do), but I would prefer to not have the political ads pop up 10 seconds after each time I close it, blocking my view of the content I’m trying to view. Is there anyway to change this?

Btw this primarily occurs when I use my mobile device.

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You shouldn’t be seeing political ads at all. As far as I know (@pam?), that’s one of the categories we have blocked.

Whenever there is an issue with ads, we ideally need two things:

  • The URL of the ad (so we can block it);

  • Your location (because everyone sees different ads) — you can PM this to me or omit it if you’d rather not say, but it may help us to get problem ads taken down.

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I sent you the info on the political ad, but I’ll have to wait until the body wash ad comes up again to take a screen shot of it.

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This election cannot end soon enough. Ads are everywhere and so are the political door to door people.

Got a couple of clips of the political ads. I know you’re working on it, but I thought I would give you the visual so you have more info.

The screenshot shows the ad. It blocks the ability to anything from happening on the screen from about the halfway point down on the app (it’s a bit larger on there than the browser).

This is the site clicking on the ad will take you to.

And this is the company putting out the ads.

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Btw we had to put I Voted stickers on our front door it’s been that bad here.

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Thank you @shells15. I’ve already submitted the I [name_m]Will[/name_m] Vote URL to be blocked, but it can take a while to take effect.

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No worries. I wasn’t sure if documentation would be needed, so I thought I’d add just in case. :blush:

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