Adriana or Olivia

My husband really like two names but can’t seem to pick the right one. Our two names are [name_f]Olivia[/name_f] and [name_f]Adriana[/name_f]. It might help to know that my mother in law is 100% Spanish and we’ve decided to pass down her middle name, [name_u]Carmen[/name_u]. We love [name_f]Olivia[/name_f], but it’s so trendy right now. We also love [name_f]Adriana[/name_f], but it seems to be very exotic. Maybe all of you can help!

I prefer [name_f]Olivia[/name_f] since I dislike [name_f]Adriana[/name_f].

Recently discovered the name [name_f]Alivia[/name_f], nick name Livi. I’m obsessed and it sounds like a perfect combo of these two choices. But if I had to choose- [name_f]Olivia[/name_f] , solely for the nickname Livi !

I vote [name_f]Adriana[/name_f]. [name_f]Olivia[/name_f] is soooo popular, I feel like I know a bunch of little [name_f]Olivia[/name_f]'s.

I prefer [name_f]Adriana[/name_f], I think it’s beautiful and works in a lot of languages.

[name_f]Ariana[/name_f], [name_f]Mariana[/name_f] or [name_f]Livia[/name_f] could be a compromise.

I prefer [name_f]Olivia[/name_f], because I dislike [name_f]Adriana[/name_f]. I do like [name_f]Ariana[/name_f].

I prefer [name_f]Olivia[/name_f].

[name_f]Olivia[/name_f] [name_u]Carmen[/name_u] sounds beautiful. You’re right that [name_f]Olivia[/name_f] is popular at the moment. It just depends on how important that is to you. It’s not the same as it used to be. She’s not going to have 3 others in her class with the same name, but there will definitely be other [name_f]Olivia[/name_f]'s around.

[name_f]Adriana[/name_f] is very pretty. I don’t think it’s very exotic. It’s not super common, but I’ve known a few [name_f]Adrianne[/name_f]'s and [name_f]Adriana[/name_f]'s in my life.

[name_f]Olivia[/name_f] sounds slightly better with [name_u]Carmen[/name_u] and I love nn [name_f]Livy[/name_f].
[name_f]Adriana[/name_f] also has a lot of great nn’s though!
I’d personally choose [name_f]Olivia[/name_f], but it just depends on how important popularity is to you.

I prefer [name_f]Adriana[/name_f]. It’s such a strong and balanced name. It sounds more modern than [name_f]Olivia[/name_f], which is part of the vintage trend.

I prefer [name_f]Olivia[/name_f] to [name_u]Carmen[/name_u]. You could always go with [name_f]Livia[/name_f] if [name_f]Olivia[/name_f]'s popularity throws you off.