Advice, support, tips & tricks needed! First time with TTC!

After a lifetime of loving names, 5 years of being a berry, and 2 years of marriage, the husband and I are finally TTC! It feels crazy to even type those three little letters! I would really appreciate any and all advice you lovely berries might have, I do not have a close female relative to talk with about any of this so you guys are my people!

My main question/concern is about my irregular cycle. I bought some ovulation test kits simply to help me track my cycle and figure out if/when I’m ovulating. Sometimes I only have 6 periods a year so this could take some time! I am keeping track of everything with an app on my phone and in a journal. Does anyone else have any advice about the OTKs? I realize they aren’t hard to use but I’ve not used them before. Should I also be taking my BBT?

Any and all advice is appreciated. Also, if there is a thread with all of this information I apologize for posting another one.

[name_m]How[/name_m] exciting for you and your DH as you begin your TTC journey.

I was the lady that got pregnant fairly quickly after starting TTC do I do not have any advice about the things you’ve asked. I know that the TTC 2014 thread and the TTC 6 months or more thread has much information, insight and support.

I just would like to wish you luck and to remember to relax and not get too stressed (way easier said than done I know, but that is the best advice I was given). :slight_smile:

Thank you jtucker! Maybe I should jump into the TTC 2014 thread to get more advice. I appreciate your input & I am trying to enjoy this exciting time!

I also have irregular periods… I was able to concieve my son using clomid and am TTC ( 3.5 years now) … I would suggest first off that you go get a PRE-TTC check up and ask for a referal to a fertility clinic as there is often a [name_m]LONG[/name_m] wait! ( I`ve been waiting since Februrary and probably wont get an appointment until february of [name_u]March[/name_u]) SO just in case there are any issues you will already have an appointment or at least be on the wait list…

I would also suggest getting your ovulation tests online… I pay about 65Cents ( canadian) for each strip as I prefer to test 2x a day EVERYDAY until I ovulate! ( you can also get pregnancy tests online as well… MUCH cheaper!!)

Pre-seed lubricant is great for TTC as it does not harm sperm…

Take a multi vitamin and if you want use VITEX as it can help regulate an irregular cycle… just make sure to follow direction on how to take it!

Make sure your diet is in order… less coffe, less alcohol etc.

If you have any specific questions feel free to ask!!! Im not an expert but I have been TTC for a very long time!!!

Also taking your temperature is a great way to check for ovulation… use a site like Fertility [name_m]Friend[/name_m] on an app. to track temps and you will start to see a patern!

Good luck!!!

I would also say make an appointment to talk to a doctor and make sure you’re up to date on all your vaccinations and all. However I don’t think in the US you would have a year long wait to visit a fertility specialist and I think most places would want you to TTC on your own for at least a few months unless you have a diagnosed issue. I know I was told it wasn’t until after a year of TTC for somebody who was healthy and under 35.
I had great success with doing BBT. It’s really pretty easy just take your temperature each morning before doing anything else and record it. It’s suppose to be at the same time each day but I was bad about that but still could see the thermal shift when I ovulated. I also liked FertiltyFriend. You get the first three months free so I would start it at the start of your cycle (you can go back and put information in for past cycles too).

Congratulations! I’m agreeing with the others, make a doctors appointment. If it’s something that’s more ‘serious’ rather than just seeing how it goes for the first few months. We were TTC for about 2.5 years when we conceived our first, who sadly plays up in heaven now, as does our second. FertilityFriend truly is helpful, too.

[name_m]Feel[/name_m] totally welcome to message me, and keep us updated!

You might check out the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It’s an amazing resource if you’re thinking about temping and helped me understand my long/irreg. cycles better.

I use the cheapie OPKs you get on Amazon because I go through so many of them in a 35-50 day cycle, but they’re pretty easy to use. Despite long/irreg cycles, I conceived very easily both times, so while they can be an obstacle (because of underlying cause or just figuring out when you’re ovulating), sometimes a long, wonky cycle is just the norm for your body.

Misc. things to do at the start of TTC: start a prenatal vitamin now, make sure you’re up to date on vaccines, and make sure you’re up to date at the dentist since you’ll likely avoid xrays and any extra dental work during pregnancy. Good luck to you!

backtomyroots, feberin, aprilm & lineska - thank you for your responses! I do have a small wait to get into my preferred OB-GYN but nothing too long, I see her in February. I have purchased the ovulation test kits off Amazon and I’ve just started using them, though I may have started too late in my cycle to see the surge. I just need more practice! I also started taking a prenatal vitamin last week. Diet and exercise are things I’m always working on so that shouldn’t be an issue - my yearly labs came back great! Now I need to purchase a thermometer to track my BBT every morning, I think that seems like it worked for most of you. I’ve downloaded the Fertility [name_m]Friend[/name_m] app and a good friend is letting me borrow the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

I think that’s a good start, thank you all for your advice, it’s greatly appreciated!

Agree with above, but you might want to begin without all the temping and charting and just have fun with it at first. We just DTD every other day starting at CD 10 or so. It made the process much less stressful for me. We also had started using Preseed the month we conceived, but I can’t say whether that was a contributing factor. Can’t hurt!

I did the same as moonkai, as in just DTD every second day starting from about CD 10/11. I also tracked my CM, so was easy for me to know when ovulation was near-ish(I never knew the exact date of ovulation though). Didn’t stress and just had fun with it.
I’m not sure though because you mentioned you skip periods sometimes? Different things work for different people, you have some great suggestions so far and yes the TTC 2014 board is super supportive and helpful, your Ob/Gyn will be able to tell you a bit more about your irregular cycle as well, but until then, best of luck to you!! :slight_smile:

moonkai - thank you for your response, I had to Google DTD, lol. I realize I don’t need to do the testing right away because we are literally just starting, but I have never had a regular cycle and I’m just curious. I’m mostly doing it right away just to better understand my cycle and to be able to have an informed conversation with the Ob-Gyn when that time comes. I’m definitely a planner. :slight_smile:

jessieo - thank you for your feedback, it’s nice to hear what others have done. :slight_smile:

All the serious stuff has been covered. My advice? Try lots of new positions or find some exciting new additions to your sex routine. TTC can be exhausting. It really helps to keep the mood light. Variety is the spice of babymaking!
And be sure to focus on the relationship with your partner, (you know, other aspects in addition to TTC,) which ironically can suffer during this time. Have fun together! Go on dates and enjoy each other’s company.
Have fun and good luck!

Thank you mulme944! Very good advice :slight_smile: