I was just sitting down, enjoying a lazy [name]Sunday[/name] afternoon reading the paper, when I came across an article about a teenager named Aescleah. I nearly had a heart attack! Although the article is about dolphins, it uses up valuable column space to explain that this you g girls name is pronounced [name]ASHLEY[/name]!! I’ve heard of yooneek spellings before, but this one takes the cake!


And I thought I hated the name before.

Oh, Phia! My eyes!!! My eyes!!! I’m totally breaking out into my “yooneek” sweat now, waiting for the inevitable twitching to kick in. I feel weak…

Aescleah’s parents clearly aren’t jeenyuses, for if they were, they would have known that Aescleah is actually spelled Aeskleah. I mean, everyone knows that. :slight_smile:

(Thanks for posting this, Phia, although my vision may never be the same again, and I’ll have to rock myself in the fetal position for a few hours to calm myself down from the horror of it all…It will be touch and go for a while, but I should pull through.)

I think a child with this name would be cursed with mispronunciation of her name for her entire life. Poor thing…

Oh, that is awful. I think it’s one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Since when does ‘ae’ make a flat A sound? And how do you get ‘sh’ from ‘sc’?! Did they just ignore the ‘ah’ in [name]Leah[/name]? UGGGHHH!

Oh. Dear. [name]Lord[/name]. No. That is truly hideous. I think it’s broken poor [name]Jill[/name]. I’m speechless from disgust.

  • [name]Charlie[/name]

[name]Jill[/name] you said it all and gave me a laugh. Have a good day!

It sounds like a sick eagle who is very near-sighted.
If it were my name, I would need to be heavily medicated until my name was changed. And I would be tired of [name]Ashley[/name], so it would need to be something nice and classic.

[name]Truly[/name], this name is awful. But I was relieved when I read your post, because when I saw the thread, I was sooooo worried that this was posted by some mother telling us all that she was looking to name her daughter Aescheah.
Typing that “name” out made my soul hurt.

I thought this might be a Celtic or Gaelic name.

YIKES!!! Horrible!

Lol all of your replies have me sitting here laughing by myself like a crazy person!! I’m sorry to have caused such visceral reactions, but I couldn’t contain my horror at such an insane and bizarre misspelling! My friends and family all took a guess at how to pronounce her name, but none of us got it right. As to the Gaelic spelling, I think ‘Ais’ forms forms the ‘ash’ sound in Gaelic.

Wow. [name]Just[/name]…wow. That spelling wouldn’t even make sense on the “Hau Rong Can U Spel Thees Nayms” board.

Katherinec got it right though, I am actually relieved that this sn’t someone looking to name their kid “Aescleah”. Or am I? At least a mother who hasn’t had the child yet can still be dissuaded from choosing such a horrible (let’s face it: horrible) name.


everyday i see this post title, thinking how do you prounce that? i was thinking it was celtic or gaelic since i can never pronounce those names, then today i was looking at it and i was thinking is that supposed to be ashley!?! It actually hurts my eyes! talk about a major eye sore!