I found the name Alaide on a Spanish baby name website in my quest for a full name for the nn [name]Allie[/name].

What do you think of it?

One website states it is from a character in Bellini’s [name]Opera[/name] La Straniera and is pronounced [name]Al[/name]-LAHD but some others say it is Irish and pronounced [name]Al[/name]-uh-ee-duh.

Would love some opinions…love it or hate it?

First thought would be al-AYD, but that can’t be right so I certainly wouldn’t say it out loud that way. If I saw this name on a role sheet, I would probably say: Uh-LYE-dee or Uh-[name]LAY[/name]-dee. I sort of love the first pronunciation!!! (Uh-[name]LAY[/name]-dee not as much cause it just sounds like uh-lady.)

If you have seen the HBO series [name]Rome[/name], the sister of the main characters’ wife is called Lyde - prn. LYE-dee. (kind of like lighty but softer)

I love it!!! But I pretty much love all the names in that series…swoon!

Alaide is a tricky one, but I think there is some potential. I would choose the nn Lyde over [name]Allie[/name], but that is just me. =D

Hmm… to me it looks like [name]Adalaide[/name] but missing a syllable. I also thought it would be pronounced a-LAID.

I would pronounce Alaide ah-LAID, which I think has too much teasing potential later on in her teenage years.

Alaide = I laid