Alane? I know the spelling is weird...

But let me explain. My dad’s name is [name]Alan[/name]. My sister’s middle name is [name]Lane[/name]. Take off the “e” and it’s [name]Alan[/name]. Take off the “A” and it’s [name]Lane[/name]. I really liked the idea but I really despise strange spellings of names. Is [name]Alane[/name] too weird? If you saw it, how would you pronounce it? Again, just an idea…don’t be too harsh on me. LOL And if you have any other suggestions, that’s cool too. Thanks!

I really like the idea of honoring family, but it does look a bit weird…it could be worse, though. I say if you can get past the non-traditional spelling, go for it. Its one thing to do it [name]JUST[/name] to be different (which is odd), but kinda nice when the reason is “family”.

Oh, and I pronounced it “ah-[name]LANE[/name]”
hope that’s right :wink:

I have to say, it does look slightly odd, kind of like someone made a typo on [name]Alana[/name]. Also, there is a French boys name [name]Alain[/name] [ah-[name]LANE[/name]], which is how I think most would pronounce [name]Alane[/name]. Did that make sense?!

Though I do love the sentiment :slight_smile:

I prefer the pronunciation of [name]Ah[/name]-lane. Similar to [name]Elaine[/name], but with an A. That is how I would pronounce it. I’m just wondering if you all would say it the same way.

I’d pronounce it [name]Alaine[/name], but at first, I thought it was intended to be the French boys’ name [name]Alain[/name]. Hmm…

What about [name]Alana[/name]?

I would pronounce it similar to [name]Elaine[/name]. I doubt there would be pronunciation problems. I think the family significance is worth the different spelling. Would you use it as a first or middle name? If you’d use it in the middle, I really wouldn’t worry about it at all.

We’ve always thought we’d use it as a middle name, but the significance of it made us start to consider it as a first name as nothing else has really struck our fancy. :slight_smile:

I pronounced it as “Arlarna” when I first saw it, but I’ve just been doing my german homework.
It’s nice to have a name that honors both your dad and sister. I’d say use it in the middle to avoid pronounciation difficulties.

I automatically think of the French male name [name]Alain[/name], too. I’d use [name]Alana[/name]! I think that would honor both family members. You could call her [name]Laney[/name].

[name]How[/name] you do pronounce the french boys name [name]Alain[/name]? I’ve never heard of it and I was just curious since everyone keeps discussing it. :slight_smile: Thanks!

I like the idea of [name]Alana[/name] too – makes it more a name in its own right and less a spin on the names of relatives. And I would also support the idea of using [name]Alane[/name] as a middle name, to pass down these names through the family. In general, I think the idea is clever, but I would encourage you to keep searching for an individual name that you love rather than stopping here, at least for the time being. If you end up feeling as if you’ve gone the distance and you still love [name]Alane[/name] best, then it’s the right name for you.

It’s pronounced [name]Ah[/name]-lahn. :slight_smile: