Alba for a boy?

I’m thinking about this for a middle name. Any thoughts?

For a middle name, it’s not so bad, but it has that feminine a ending… It’s really up to you, and the reason you have for wanting to use it… If it’s a family name, I don’t really mind much, since it’s in the middle, but if it’s only because you like it, I’d try to find alternatives, maybe names that mean the same, or have the same feel without being a girls name…

I also checked around a bit, [name]Alby[/name] is a legit boys name meaning also meaning white (more attractive than [name]Albin[/name]) and doesn’t have the a ending.
There’s also [name]Bain[/name], [name]Albion[/name] (which is kind of cute), Delwyn and any name sarting with [name]Whit[/name], like [name]Whitaker[/name], Whitfield and such that all mean white…

I like [name]Alba[/name], particularly for its [name]Scotland[/name] association. I think you would get a lot of knee-jerk questions about it being a girl’s name because of the -a ending, but I can definitely see it on a boy–I think it’s quite charming. If you are worried about the ‘girl’s name’ questions, [name]Albion[/name] suggested above is a nice alternate.

It does sound a bit feminine, I also like the suggestion of [name]Albion[/name].

I think it is fine for his middle name.

I love [name]Alban[/name] on a boy, why use the girls’ form?