Alexa or Alexia or Alexis?

I am due 07/07 and am struggling with names. Unsure of gender!

If we have a girl i love the nn. [name]Lexi[/name]!

So… [name]Alexa[/name], [name]Alexis[/name] or [name]Alexia[/name]?

[name]How[/name] about [name]Aurora[/name] nn. [name]Rory[/name]?

Thanks in advance. If you have any other suggestions or mn. suggestions let me know!
[name]Zoey[/name] x

I love [name]Aurora[/name] nn [name]Rory[/name] (although I know many here prefer [name]Rory[/name] as a boys name)

I’m not fond of [name]Alexa[/name]/[name]Alexis[/name]/[name]Alexia[/name]…but I do like [name]Alexandra[/name] nn [name]Lexi[/name]. If I had to pick from the first three, I think I prefer [name]Alexa[/name].

[name]Aurora[/name] is my favorite from your list above and I think it is probably the leasty widely used of your other choices.

Out of the other names, I like [name]Alexis[/name] the best. I recently met a little girl named [name]Lexine[/name], which is similar in style to [name]Alexa[/name]/[name]Alexis[/name]/[name]Alexia[/name] and would be a nice way to get to [name]Lexi[/name] as well.

I like [name]Alexandra[/name] nn [name]Lexi[/name]. I would caution against [name]Alexia[/name] - it is a neurological condition - acquired dyslexia due to brain injury. Bad association.

From Wikipedia: [name]Alexia[/name] ([name]Alexia[/name] from the Greek ἀ, privative, expressing negation, and λέξις = “word”), or acquired dyslexia, occurs when damage to the brain causes a patient to lose the ability to read.[1] It is also called word blindness, text blindness or visual aphasia.[2]

Those who suffer from “alexia” and “dyslexia” can have similar difficulties, however, “alexia” refers to an acquired reading disability, where reading ability had previously been developed, usually occurring in adulthood conditions, while “dyslexia” refers to developmental reading disability.[3][4]

I love [name]Aurora[/name]! [name]Rory[/name] is a very cute nn, too. I also love [name]Aurora[/name] nn [name]Ari[/name].

I’m not a huge fan of most [name]Lexi[/name] names, but I do think [name]Alexia[/name] is cute. [name]Alexa[/name] is a bit sweeter, and [name]Alexia[/name] a bit more spunky. It just depends on which image you like better.

Good luck!

Wow, definitely just learned something :slight_smile:

I would pick [name]Alexa[/name]. I know twins named [name]Alexa[/name] and [name]Michaela[/name], nn’s [name]Lexi[/name] and [name]Mickey[/name], and I always loved their names. Besides the fact that [name]Alexia[/name] means all that, it just seems too much for me with that extra i in there. [name]Alexis[/name] has bad associations for me, but otherwise I just don’t like that name. [name]Lexine[/name] sounds different and I like that, and [name]Alexandra[/name] is always pretty.

Thanks guys, i think it is going to be [name]Alexa[/name] or [name]Aurora[/name] then… I have also got a cody (b), isla and lily. Which do you think fits in best?? Middle names anyone? x

I think either name will fit well with those of your other children. I notice that your two girls names have nature associations, each with a flower and it is really nice. I would be tempted to also choose a nature inspired name for your next little girl - so I would go with [name]Aurora[/name] and a floral or nature middle name.
[name]Aurora[/name] [name]Violet[/name]
[name]Aurora[/name] [name]Snow[/name]
[name]Aurora[/name] [name]Estelle[/name]
[name]Aurora[/name] [name]Clover[/name]

Best of luck!

Thankyou! I like [name]Aurora[/name] [name]Violet[/name]. :slight_smile: I also wondered whether it baby bump should have a 4 letter name as [name]Cody[/name], [name]Isla[/name] and [name]Lily[/name] do. This was not on purpose though, wdyt?

I personally don’t think the number of letters matters as much as the sound and associations.

I am glad you like [name]Aurora[/name] [name]Violet[/name]. [name]Violet[/name] fits so naturally with [name]Rose[/name] and [name]Lily[/name]. And - with [name]Aurora[/name] meaning a glow in the sky - I picture a lovely purple sunset or a pre-dawn violet glow in the sky when I think of [name]Aurora[/name] [name]Violet[/name].

I like [name]Alexa[/name] very much. I also like [name]Alexandra[/name] and [name]Alexandria[/name]. [name]Alexis[/name] and [name]Alexia[/name] are okay.

I like [name]Aurora[/name], but don’t like the nn [name]Rory[/name] that much. (I like [name]Rory[/name] on a boy, though).

A couple of the (many) other A names I like are [name]Anastasia[/name] and [name]Audrey[/name].

I have suggested [name]Aurora[/name] [name]Violet[/name] to my OH, he is saying aurora is a definite and violet is a maybe, hopefully I’ll persuade him! x

[name]Alexia[/name] is the name of an illness, [name]Alexis[/name] is too common and masculine, my final pick would be [name]Alexa[/name].

Cool! The more I think about it, [name]Aurora[/name] [name]Violet[/name] is perfect for you. Like [name]Sienna[/name] and [name]Rose[/name], [name]Violet[/name] is both a nature name and a color. Being a flower, [name]Violet[/name] also ties in with [name]Lily[/name]. And, it just sound nice. Good luck and let us know what happens!

I have officially fell for [name]Aurora[/name] [name]Violet[/name]! I am really hoping bump is a girl now because we still have no boys names!! Thanks everybody x

I like [name]Alexa[/name] best.