All our favourite name sites and blogs compiled!

Let’s see how lengthy we can get this list!

Obviously Nameberry is a given!

Now, you go!

Thanks, I was thinking of starting a topic just like this to find some new name sites!
Has great graphs of name popularity over time and popularity by state. As well as a blog and member input about each name.
This site has great information on each name compiled from a survey that people with that name fill out. (Click the “Considering this name?” tab just above the name for survey results.)

Here’s some sites that I frequently visit which have not been mentioned yet:

Behind the Name:


Appellation Mountain:

[name]Nancy[/name]'s [name]Baby[/name] Names:


Gives great suggestions, you should try it!

I have seen your all name sites and blogs are very good having great information.

This is a great topic!! :smiley:

This is a great list we’ve got going. I’ll have to check out the sites I’m not familiar with. Thanks spotlightstarlit for starting the topic and everyone else for contributing. =) is brilliant! Along with NameBerry, it is my favorite name site. It has a huge database of baby names. I have found some of the most unique and beautiful names over there! I believe it’s the most accurate name site I’ve come across. I simply love it! is more accurate than babynamesworld, just so you know :slight_smile: