All the frills!

Frilliest names you’ve ever heard not in the top one hundred? Doesn’t have to be a negative thing.


[name]Emmeline[/name] is frilly? Wait…I HATE frilly but [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Emmeline[/name] lol.

Maybe this is the place to mention it: I always loved [name]Bellamy[/name] for a boy… blushes
Is that outrageous?
It’s not frilly at all to me, just another surname like so many others… I’d nn him Bellie or [name]Buddy[/name] since [name]Bellamy[/name] means ‘fine friend’.

I think ‘frilly’ is a term I apply to all names with heaps of L’s, or a ‘ine’, ‘ana’, ‘lia’ or ‘anna’ ending… Or they’re for some other reason very princess like…
As for the most frilly off the charts names: (* by the ones I like)

[name]How[/name] is [name]Bellamy[/name] frilly? It’s a surname! I love frilly names.


Frilly hmmm let me see…

[name]Elizabeth[/name] - straight [name]Elizabeth[/name] with out a nn.
[name]Priscilla[/name] - this is the ultimate frilly name for me.



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One I’ve never heard of except on here:


Since when is frilly bad? :wink:

I like feminine names too (among many others), but I’m not a fan of overly prissy/frilly names. They aren’t TERRIBLE, just not my style. I used to like some of them actually, but people on name boards frequently use the word “princessy/princess like” to describe a overly feminine name, and whenever I hear that word it conjures up an image of a spoiled little girl who will only wear pink, gets whatever she wants and feels like she doesn’t have to listen to anyone because she is a princess. That kinda ruined most of the frilly names for me.