Almost usable GP names?

I’m looking for suggestions for boy and girl guilty pleasure names that are on the verge of being usable. For example, I love [name]Clementine[/name] and in our area, it wouldn’t be seen as really bizarre or weird. My only hesitation is that it might be shortened and I really prefer the full name. Please feel free to list your favorites!

Some of these are totally usable names but either my SO doesn’t/wouldn’t like them or I’m not brave enough to use them haha. I would certainly consider using many of them as middles however.

[name]Eilidh[/name] (ay-lee)


[name]Clementine[/name] for me, as well. Although, where we are, it would be decidedly odd.



All names that would be considered weird around here. sigh

A lot of my names being considered fit this description: for boys [name]Basil[/name], [name]Conrad[/name], [name]Boris[/name] and for girls [name]Fenella[/name] and ESPECIALLY [name]Temperance[/name]…my partner thinks they are guilty pleasures only. I disagree.