AM help!!!!

What do you think:

[name]Amari[/name] [name]Maren[/name]
[name]Avia[/name] [name]Maren[/name]
[name]Anina[/name] [name]Maren[/name]
[name]Ayala[/name] [name]Maren[/name]
[name]Ashira[/name] [name]Maren[/name]
Adiya [name]Maren[/name]
[name]Aria[/name] [name]Mayim[/name]
[name]Aria[/name] [name]Miriam[/name]

and why???

I don’t love the flow of any of those combos, though I do love [name]Maren[/name] and several of the “a” names as well. :slight_smile:

WDYT of [name]Aviva[/name] [name]Maren[/name]??

I know it’s not one of the choices, but I like [name]Aria[/name] [name]Maren[/name]. I just like those two names the best of those that you listed, and I think it’s a pretty combo.

[name]Amari[/name] [name]Maren[/name]: [name]Amari[/name] [name]Maren[/name] sounds very M heavy to me…

[name]Avia[/name] [name]Maren[/name]: I think it’s pretty, but I think of the tennis shoe brand, [name]Avia[/name]. I love [name]Aviva[/name] [name]Maren[/name], though.

[name]Anina[/name] [name]Maren[/name]: I think this is pretty…I love how [name]Anina[/name] sounds like it’s part [name]Anne[/name] and part [name]Nina[/name], and I think it has a wonderful meaning.

[name]Ayala[/name] [name]Maren[/name]: I know of [name]Ayala[/name] as a last name (the [name]Anissa[/name] [name]Ayala[/name] story), and I like the sound of some of the other names more.

[name]Ashira[/name] [name]Maren[/name]: I like some of the others more with regard to the flow (something about [name]Shira[/name] and [name]Maren[/name] doesn’t flow well to me).

Adiya [name]Maren[/name]: I like the sound of names like [name]Avia[/name]/[name]Aviva[/name], [name]Aria[/name], and [name]Anina[/name] more.

[name]Aria[/name] [name]Mayim[/name]: I think this is pretty, and I also love your old idea of [name]Aria[/name] [name]Maren[/name].

[name]Aria[/name] [name]Miriam[/name]: I love both names, but because they have similar sounds (aria/iriam), I think a different middle (or first) word work better.

Good luck! :slight_smile: