Am I crazy for thinking of using this?

I’ve been riding on the road of big, unusual names for a week or so
and I’m kinda loving it if I’m being honest.

I would like to introduce you to today’s new love: Nefertari

Nefertari was an Egyptian [name_f]Queen[/name_f] and the wife of Ramesses the Great. She was one of the best known Egyptian queens next to [name_f]Cleopatra[/name_f], Nerfirtiti, and Hatsheput. Nefertari means “beautiful companion”.

It’s a big name. It definitely makes a statement.
I know I wouldn’t forget anyone with a name like that.

I agree that Nerfertiti is more well known and I do like it but there’s a lot teasing potential that comes with it so that’s why I prefer Nefertari slightly more.

I think the nicknames Neffie and [name_u]Tari[/name_u] could work.

I know Nefertari won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but personally, I love it. What do you think?

I have [name_f]Matilda[/name_f] [name_f]Nefertiti[/name_f] on my list. No, you’re not crazy.

I wouldn’t say crazy but I personally would not name another human being a name that was so different. These are not our names, this is someone else’s name that they will have 80+ years. We have no clue what this person will be like or what names they are attracted to. I personally feel it’s best to use a more normal, for a lack of a better word, first name. I think it would be harder on a person to dislike their name and also have it being a less known, out-there name than a normal name. I think the middle name is best for more creative names. Although I’ve also known people that hoped that no one would learn their middle name and was embarrassed by it.

Nefetari is a bit much for me, but you’re not crazy! It has appealing sounds

I get the appeal, but I think that a Nefertari would be ashamed of her first name. It’s just a lot, and a pretty intense name to have. I think it’s better as a middle name, and you could still call her by one of its nicknames, I love Neffie. By the way, how do you feel about [name_f]Nephele[/name_f]? It has a similar sound (neh-FEH-lee in Greek) but is simpler.

I love Nefertari! I definitely think it’s more usable than [name_f]Nefertiti[/name_f], I do love the woman with the name great association.

I think it’s a bit much for me, but I do like the sounds and I see why you like it. [name_f]Nephele[/name_f] comes to mind, which seems a little more grounded (and you could still use nn Neffie!)

Nefertari is a gorgeous name, and I don’t think it’d be crazy at all to consider it. Yes, it’s a big and bold name, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. It has a great history to it, and doesn’t have any obvious teasing points (as unfortunately the great [name_f]Nefertiti[/name_f] has). Definitely worth adding to your list!

Nefertari is a lot of name. It definitely has a really epic sound and I can see why that’s appealing, plus from your comments the queen sounds like a great namesake, though I don’t really know anything about her. But it just doesn’t really sound like a name that would work in a modern English-speaking society. The sounds in it aren’t sounds that we commonly hear in names, and while it’s not the same name as [name_f]Nefertiti[/name_f], it looks and sounds similar enough that it made me think of [name_f]Nefertiti[/name_f].

I’d think it was super awesome if someone I knew named their dog or cat Nefertari, but on a person in today’s world I just don’t think it’d work, sorry.

I have a relative named [name_f]Nefertiti[/name_f], goes solely by Nefe. I find Nefertari more wearable of the two.
It’s bold choice to say the least but I wouldn’t discourage it, the sounds aren’t disjointed and clunky like Hatshepsut.
If people got used to [name_f]Thomasina[/name_f], [name_f]Rosamund[/name_f], [name_f]Theodosia[/name_f] and the like then they will learn how to say and accomodate Nefertari.

Sure Nefertari sounds perfectly fine as a name to me (I live in a big west coast city, USA). I didn’t know the historical reference so it just sounds exotic to me, although it did remind me of [name_f]Nefertiti[/name_f]. I think that would be the biggest issue with this name - it will be frequently misread as [name_f]Nefertiti[/name_f]. I would expect she would also get the comment, “Oh like [name_f]Nefertiti[/name_f]?” which could be annoying or nice.

Hmm. The sound has appeal, and NNs could make it more wearable (Neffie is cute), but it’s still a lot.

Personally, as someone with no cultural or familial ties to [name_u]Egypt[/name_u], I would never consider naming my child after ancient Egyptian royalty. It would feel inappropriate for me to do so. I don’t know anything about your relationship to [name_u]Egypt[/name_u], obviously, but that’s my opinion.

I love it.

People, and children especially, can get used to any name. And if you love, use it.

Nefertari is on my list as well, I think it’s a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning. It is definitely out there, but with nicknames and a solid middle I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t be used.

When I was a child I loved this name (I was obsessed with all things Ancient Egyptian). While I wouldn’t use it myself now, I do think it’s a very bold and striking name.

I didn’t know who that was before you wrote about her, so if I’d hear the name on a person I’d probably assume it was some kind of ethnic name of sorts.

It doesn’t bother me, but I’d never think to use a name like that.

I think it’s usable, but I would consider cultural connotations before bestowing it on a child.

It’s kind of bada$$, so I get the appeal, but I don’t know if I would like being a Nefertari because it is so attention-getting.

I read your post and have had a couple of days to think it over and I’ve decided that my own name preferences aside, I still think it would be better in the middle spot. As a first name it will likely be shortened or they’d go by some other nn and wouldn’t use the name you love.
I know a couple of siblings who have very unique names and they go by [name_f]Meg[/name_f] and Talo. I’m sure that’s not what their mother had in mind but she didn’t get a choice in the matter…
By having it it in the middle you get to have a great name with a beautiful story you can tell people with a more useable name you love in the first spot that you can choose for your lil one. [name_m]Just[/name_m] my thoughts

I really like it but I would personally only use it as a middle.

I personally believe that this is one of those names that you shouldn’t use unless you are of that race.