I asked this on another board, but I’d also like to get 'Berries opinions too…

I watched the movie, Hair Spray recently, and the name [name]Amber[/name] stuck with me. It’s one of the few names that I liked from my childhood and still have a soft spot for (despite my crazy cousin, [name]Amber[/name]). In the 90s, I liked it again thanks to the Jurassic [name]Park[/name] association - the word appeal I guess, similar to my name.

So the question is - can the name [name]Amber[/name] be brought around? Or does it have some permanant association that makes it unusable…what’s your take?

SSA numbers - it peaked at number 13 in 1986, but enjoyed massive jumps in years 1880, 1904 and then it started to increase in popularity in 1956 (probably thanks to the book and film, [name]Forever[/name] [name]Amber[/name]).

No opinion on this name at all? Can I get a little help here? :slight_smile:

My name is amber and I really don’t like it. At my age in [name]England[/name] it has connotations of ‘typical American high school bullies’, but I suppose that in a few years that will change. Some people still think it is a warm, pretty-sounding name so maybe that will become the general opinion soon. Or maybe I just can’t pull it off! Xx

I LIKE [name]Amber[/name], but I would be reluctant to use it because it does seem one of those dated 1980s names.

I guess this is a case of “If you love it, use it! There are no name police!”

If you are thinking you might like to update, [name]Ember[/name] glows more brightly for me at this moment. [name]September[/name], [name]November[/name], and [name]December[/name] all get you to [name]Ember[/name], and there are probably other ways some of the berries could suggest. I would go with [name]Emerson[/name] and call a girl [name]Ember[/name], but that is just me. Not everyone likes to make those leaps in nns.

Thinking of [name]Ember[/name] leads me to [name]Embeth[/name], which I also like.

Feels dated to me. Probably because I was born in '86, so I know more [name]Ambers[/name] then anyone should.


Nameberry name search for [name]Amber[/name] suggests you try [name]Ruby[/name], [name]Jade[/name], or [name]Pearl[/name], also lists [name]Amberise[/name] and [name]Amberly[/name].

[name]Just[/name] came across [name]Ambrette[/name], French for almond seed, and it seems a fresher, more exotic, yet easy to pronounce tweak on [name]Amber[/name].

I’m a child of 1991 and I know a TON of [name]Ambers[/name] my age. In fact, I’ve never met one older than me. To me it’s a 90’s name that should stay gone. If you like it though, you should just ignore my opinion. For something more unusually why not try [name]Ember[/name] or Umberia?

I love the name and I feel like everyone I know cringes when I mention it. sigh :frowning: I think it’s a beautiful name. My husband and I talk about using [name]Amberly[/name] but I’m still a little worried about what people will think. Although I have learned it is IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone! I definitely don’t think there is a single name that my husband, my best friend, my mother, and I all love. People are just too different in their tastes! So I think anyone who can agree just w/ their husband on a name for their child is very lucky :slight_smile:

I like [name]Amber[/name] as well. Its popularity for a while did set me off, but all the [name]Ambers[/name] I knew were nice, so it doesn’t worry me. A lot of people see [name]Amber[/name] as a trashy name. I don’t though. I think it sounds nice. Not overly sophisticated, but not trashy at all.

I agree that [name]Amber[/name] feels dated, but like you said, it’s soo hard to agree on names! I particularly like the suggestion of [name]Ember[/name]. Same sound without the 80’s vibe. One of my favorite bands is named Amberlin, which updates the name a bit, but does put it into trendy territory.

Thanks everyone! It’s nice to know that there a few people out there who still feel this name has some glow left. We have some other top names, so it’s not likely going to get used, but as a name nerd, I love it.

I actually really like [name]Amber[/name], but i have to agree is has a dated feel to it (Similar to names such as [name]Ashley[/name], [name]Lauren[/name], [name]Brittany[/name], [name]Jessica[/name], ect). However, if you love it go for it!

I will say i know a [name]Amber[/name] who is about, 6. So i can still see it on younger children. I dont think it has been stamped dated but it has thast almost there feel. If that makes sense? But i agree it has a very pretty feeling, like when you say it you get this glowy embery feel. [name]Ember[/name] would be a good subsitute if you like it but feel [name]Amber[/name] is dated!

Oh! I just remember, i knew there was soemthing off to me. This is jsut me personally, i think of [name]Amber[/name] off of that MTV show 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom. And if you have seen the show, shes not a very nice seeming person,

The name leaves me feeling very conflicted with lots of diffrent feelings. [name]Happy[/name] and glowy yet b!tchy.

Good [name]Luck[/name]!